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Social Media Success Requires A Company-Wide Effort: Interview With Tom Rhoton

As part of our SEJ interview series, Tom Rhoton of EveryoneSocial joins us to discuss the importance of social media being a company-wide initiative.

Typically companies have one person employed to work with social media, while the rest of the team doesn’t bother with it at all. This is a problem, and really doesn’t fulfill the promise of social media.

Tom previously worked in a company of 23,000 people where only 5 of them were active on social media. Since then he has moved on to a company that is dedicated to getting all employees engaged on social media.

Hear Tom explain more about how he does this in the video below:

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • What Tom offers at EveryoneSocial is a curation engine that allows employees to easily find content they care about, including custom content, and then go ahead and share that content on social media.
  • This encourages more employees to be active on social media. Every time they share a piece of content it reinforces the company’s brand values.
  • Tom says that for every 100 employees that he has managed to get engaged with EveryoneSocial, the company’s reach goes up by 90,000.
  • In addition, website traffic goes up, brand impressions go up, and the company’s audience benefits from being able to personally connect with more of the employees on social media.

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Social Media Success Requires A Company-Wide Effort: Interview With Tom Rhoton

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