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Facebook Strategy

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Facebook Strategy

A Facebook Page helps to keep a business:

  • Discoverable. When people search for you on Facebook, they’ll be able to find you.
  • Connected. Have one-on-one conversations with your customers, who can like your Page, read your posts, share them with friends, and check in when they visit.
  • Timely. Your Page can help you reach large groups of people frequently, with messages tailored to their needs and interests.
  • Insightful. Analytics provide a deeper understanding of your customers and your marketing activities.

Facebook Posting Strategy

SEJ’s posting strategy should involve sharing a mix of relevant links and engaging content, and then watching insights to see what garners the most response. People love trivia, tips, and tricks about matters in which they are interested. They like answering questions and being heard.

Conveying a lot of humor surrounding pertinent topics also aids in reaping engagement. Visual content such as photos and videos create a lot of interaction, especially when educational, comic, enjoyable, or inspiring.

Sharing our interview videos will help provide consistent visual content and emphasize our immersion in the search space. We will also feature upcoming events and SEJ happenings, and encourage excitement around said initiatives.

Due to the large amount of new content posted regularly on the SEJ website, six to eight Facebook posts per day is a steady amount that will ensure all our posts, along with others, are being distributed.

Facebook post types will vary; for example, posts will feature photos, links, or polls. To ensure we are not being entirely self-promotional, we will increase the amount of non-SEJ content ensuring at least 20% of posts come from other sources.

Facebook Best Posting Practices

  • Alternate update lengths. Enlist a variety of varied post lengths to keep people educated, engaged, and interested.
  • Use hashtags intelligently. (Many use hashtags frivolously and without intent.)
  • Make sure any hashtags used contain valuable, pertinent content, and use no more than two hashtags per post.
  • Ideal image dimensions: 470 x 470 pixels
  • What to do when sharing links:
    • Vary the usage of images with link updates to avoid monotony
    • Incorporate an equal mix of update types while watching insights to learn what the audience is responding to most
  • Ensure each post has the AIDA factor- Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.
  • Make sure when you are engaging you are signed in as your PAGE and not as an individual
  • How to post on Facebook pages (via Facebook Help)
  • How to schedule posts to appear later (via Facebook Help)

Six Types of Posts that Build Engagement on Facebook

  1. Photos. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.
  2. Fill in the Blanks. My biggest pet peeve with Google is _______.
  3. Photo Captions. Help us caption this: <intriguing picture>.
  4. Questions. Start, or end, posts with questions.
  5. Tips. Share “Did you know” style tips in posts.
  6. Quotes. Share relevant or inspirational quotes.

Facebook Engagement Strategy

Engaging with users is critically important to building relationships and creating brand advocates. Steps to nurturing fan relationships include:

  • Acknowledge comments: “Like” generic comments, comment on ones that warrant responses
  • Listen to our audience: Note any specific feedback, requests
  • Converse with other brands: Like and comment on their posts to show support, collaboration, friendliness (hopefully they will reciprocate, partner, etc.)

Facebook Community Building Strategy

  • Actively communicate and acknowledge relevant individuals
  • Constantly search for related pages and participate with their communities – like, share, etc.
  • Engage with other members of those communities to organically increase visibility

Facebook Monitoring Strategy

If negative comments are posted on our page, we should try to connect with the individual and resolve the issue, or transform the difficult situation into something beneficial.

Always delete comments on our page that are:

  • Self-promotional
  • Controversial or potentially offensive
  • Not relevant
  • Spam

Incorporate, and stick to, a disclaimer on the Facebook page that notes any of the above types of comments, or any that do not further the discussion in a productive manner, will be deleted. This will ensure our page remains engaging and informative.

Facebook Promotion Strategy

We will develop at least four campaigns per year aimed at increasing excitement and communication with/about SEJ. These campaigns should tie in larger SEJ initiatives, such as a website re-launch, events, conferences, etc. Consider when to boost posts based on engagement and post type. Boost ROI on particularly engaging posts when an extra push seems worthwhile. Budget will depend upon the goals of each campaign.

Facebook Goals

The primary goal is to increase the Facebook following by at least 10% each month through Q2 2014.

  • February 2014 = 6,700 fan increase
  • March 2014 = 7,370 fan increase
  • April 2014 = 8,107 fan increase

Social traffic referrals to the website should rise at least 10% month over month.

Another major goal is to brand SEJ as an expert in the search field by showing that we are always on top of the latest news. Promoting the SEJ team and writers will help diversify our content and increase the amount of high-quality content we have to share. Should not be too promotional, rather more informative.

Using Facebook to monitor what is being said about our company is another vital imperative. We should respond in a timely manner to any issues and ensure all inquiries are addressed. Maintaining a consistent tone and voice will help our audience understand who we are. This voice should be professional, yet conversational and friendly.

Facebook Metrics That Matter

Reporting Strategy

  • Monitor:
    • Likes
    • Comments
    • Impressions
    • Website traffic
  • Check trends, tactics, and insights each month and adjust accordingly
  • Track Facebook trends, blogs, and groups
  • Adjust based on any algorithm updates or other changes

Fan Reach

  • Unique number of users reached by your content
  • Helps determine account quality

Engagement Per Post

  • Number of people clicked anywhere in your post
  • Determines appeal factor of each update

People Talking About This

  • Number of people actually sharing, liking, or commenting
  • Shows engagement of updates, potential viral success

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