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12 Social Media Posts For Real Estate Inspiration

Get inspired by shining examples in the real estate industry so that you can get creative with your own social media posts.

Inspiration goes a long way when doing anything remotely creative.

Your real estate social media account requires consistent posts, frequent updates, and hence lots of creativity.

So, understandably, you need the inspiration to fuel the creativity that can, in turn, drive your social efforts.

In this post, we have rounded up some simple and practical real estate social media post ideas to help you get your creative gears turning.

You can pick a bunch of these ideas and create content pillars using them to support your long-term social media strategy.

Why Use Social Media For Real Estate?

We all know word-of-mouth is the best lead generator for realtors. However, social media comes right after that.

52% of realtors believe social media is the top tech tool for high-quality lead generation.

People shop for properties online. And like with any other online purchase, the buying journey involves a lot of social media.

Social posts get to the buyer in various stages of the buying process and nurture them through the sales funnel.

Imagine a buyer is searching for properties in your area and sees your promoted content where you are sharing some insightful home-buying tips.

The buyer may not instantly pick up the phone and dial your number. But they would certainly make a mental note and will likely come back to you for more advice.

And this is just one of the ways social media helps generate good leads.

Social media has, for quite some time, been the number-one channel for realtors.

The reason for this could be Millennials.

25% of all homebuyers are millennials. This makes the millennials the largest generation of property buyers.

Interestingly, a whopping 80% of US millennials use social media.

You can put two and two together.

Businesses go where their customers are. And if the largest generation of home buyers is on social media, it isn’t too hard to see why you should be headed there.

However, almost all realtors have come to realize the powers of social media. And hence, they have flocked to various social platforms.

In fact, realtors are already using Facebook for lead generation.

If you are starting out, cracking through the crowd and making your name known won’t be easy.

But it won’t be impossible either.

If you are scratching your head thinking about how you will cut through the competition on social media, please read the next section.

Social Media Post Ideas For Your Inspiration

You need creative, moving social media posts to win over the real estate competition on various platforms.

Getting inspired is the first step toward getting creative.

But besides creativity, your social media strategy needs a good mix of education, entertainment, branding, and commercial content to drive the right impact.

Therefore, we have divided this section into four subsections for the four types of content you should include in your social content strategy.

Without any further ado, let’s dive in.

Educational Content

34% of U.S. customers follow brands on social media for educational content.

So, without a doubt, this type of content is the most essential part of any successful social media strategy.

Additionally, since the audience prefers educational content, it tends to get high engagement and traction.

Educational content builds your reputation like no other.

When clients see you sharing your real estate knowledge and experience with them, they will automatically look at you as a trusted authority and will be inclined to reach out to you for help.

Here are some ideas for creating educational content for your real estate social.

1. Video Walkthroughs

Videos are powerful in grabbing attention and keeping customers engaged. This is why 86% of marketers use them as a marketing tool.

73% of real estate prospects are likelier to list with agents who use video walkthroughs.

Video walkthroughs help you display your properties to your online prospects and get them to engage with you on social media.

These videos are not just educational but entertaining as well, which explains why, when made properly, they can make the prospects stop scrolling and view your content.

Since you have the prospects’ attention now, ensure the video promotes your business enough for the prospect to know this video is from you, so they can take a mental note and come back to you in the future.

As for the video itself, make sure it is professionally shot.

Videos shot on your iPhone won’t do.

Please use a professional camera paired with the right lenses to shoot these videos.

Make good use of natural light and tidy the property up before shooting. Here’s an example.

Screenshot from Instagram, January 2023

2. Neighborhood Guides

One mistake most realtors make is they promote properties, not the neighborhood.

When people buy properties, they also look at the neighborhood because that’s where they will live for a long time.

Therefore, while you are out educating your audience, don’t forget to share neighborhood information. This can include:

  • Neighborhood facts like schools, average household income, demographics, local business information, etc.
  • Neighborhood history. Dig through the pages of history and see if you can find something interesting about your area. Clients will love knowing about it.
  • Local news. Sharing local news will help people know what goes around in the area. Make sure to share more positive/neutral news. Real estate buying is a huge investment. And clients want to work with people they think can handle their money well.
  • Sharing neighborhood information will reinforce your position as an area expert and help build the trust needed to convert cold leads into smiling customers.

3. Home Buying Tips

Sharing home buying/selling tips will also show your prospects your excellent knowledge of the real estate world.

Once they start seeing you as someone who knows their way around the scary world of real estate, the prospects will be more confident in your knowledge and seek your help.

You can share these tips through carousel posts, as captions (with catchy pictures), or via reels/shorts or TikTok videos.

Just make sure to keep the tips client-focused and deliver value. Doing this will reflect your genuine concern about your audience’s interest.

Screenshot from Facebook, January 2023

Entertaining Content

An overwhelming number of people use social media for entertainment. Give them that.

Real estate may seem like a dry niche, but with a bit of creativity, you can create some really entertaining content. Here are some ideas:

4. Memes

Over 60% of people say they are more likely to buy from a company that uses memes in their marketing.

Can’t think of how you can make real estate memes? Here’s some inspiration.

Screenshot from Instagram, January 2023

5. Home Renovation Before/After

Whether anyone is purchasing property or not, before/after pictures are highly engaging.

If any of your properties are getting a makeover, grab some before/after pictures. Use these pictures as social posts to entertain your audience on social media. Here’s an example.

Screenshot from Instagram, January 2023

6. Polls And Questions

Polls and questions keep your audience engaged and help you gain insights into the audience’s minds to align your social strategy with their pain points.

This or that and “how would you” polls will entertain your audience and drive engagement.

You can also ask direct questions like “Would you invest in a property in such an area with so and so features?”

Besides that, you can also answer questions to help your prospects through their confusion.

7. Branded Content

Branded content helps you mark your unique presence in the crowded social media world.

More importantly, this type of content helps you build the human connection with your prospects that they crave.

Remember, a real estate transaction is as much an emotional decision as it may be intellectual.

Therefore, fostering an emotional bond with your prospects, showing them you are a human, just like them, can go beyond the superficial layers of intellectual decisions and help at a deeper, emotional level.

8. “A Day In The Life Of A Real Estate Agent”

Nothing shows your human side more than your daily routine.

When people see you charging yourself up with coffee first thing in the morning, just like they do, they might relate to you. Having insight into your life may cause them to eventually trust you to help them make what could be the most important decision of their life.

9. Show Your Team (If You Have One)

Humanizing your brand involves putting a face on the business.

If your business has a whole team behind it, revealing the team and introducing the member to the prospect will go a long way in building a human-to-human connection between your brand and the audience.

Doing this will also help people know who they are dealing with once they decide to proceed with your service. Here’s an example post.

Screenshot from Instagram, January 2023

Promotional/Commercial Content

At the end of the day, your social media efforts are meant to generate leads, which is impossible without promotional or commercial content.

Here are some posts ideas with commercial/promotional intent to help you get started:

10. New Listings

Many people follow real estate agents so they can keep tabs on their listings. Make sure you post every listing you get on your social media as soon as it is available.

However, posting your new listings is not just a way to deliver the kind of content your audience wants. This will also help you leverage your social clout to generate hot leads.

Therefore, write your listing to compel people to take action. According to Zillow, your words in your listing can make or break a sale. So, be careful with the vocabulary.

Be honest with the property features. Don’t go over the top in praises, but don’t downgrade it as well. You need a sale, after all. Here’s an example to follow. (Click through to find out why the photo is sideways.)

Screenshot from Instagram, January 2023

11. Testimonials

Testimonials have become a prerequisite for successful sales. Many customers will only take action after reading a positive review.

Social media can help you generate better leads if you have testimonials.

You can gather testimonials by requesting clients you have closed the deal with to share their thoughts on your service. Either ask them in person or follow up after a few days of property closure with an email requesting feedback.

Post client testimonials on your social media. Try to get pictures of happy clients. Sharing feedback with pictures of happy clients will maximize the impact.

And if your clients are willing, ask them to record a video review.

Video testimonials will engage the audience and compel them to listen to your clients rave about your service.

Here’s an example of a client testimonial posted on Instagram.

Screenshot from Instagram, January 2023

12. Just Sold Photos

Along the lines of testimonials are “just sold” photos. Sharing these pictures on your social will build your reputation as a successful realtor.

But that’s only possible once you have enough sales coming in every month.

If you’re not there yet, implement other post ideas above and return to this once you have enough closed deals. Here’s an example Facebook post of a “Just Sold.”

Screenshot from Facebook, January 2023

Final Words

Real estate transactions involve big decisions and lots of emotions.

Therefore, prospects are more inclined to work with agents they can trust and connect with.

Social media is the single most powerful tech-based tool that can help you foster lead-driving trust and connection with your prospects.

Building success on social media requires a mix of good content and consistency.

The ideas shared above will inspire you to create high-quality social content.

And once you have good content, consistency can follow.

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Featured Image: Pixel-Shot/Shutterstock

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12 Social Media Posts For Real Estate Inspiration

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