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Snap Preview Everywhere: Distributing Search Boxes by Enabling Site Previews

WOW! I love creative ideas for distributing search!

We have Eurekster (and now Google) that provide customizable search experiences for website owners.

We have search companies like Pixsy almost solely focused on distribution for growth (though in a more formal partnership-based format).

In both cases we see search companies creating opportunities for OTHER PEOPLE to distribute their brand/ads/content.

Snap comes at the distribution problem in a creative way by enabling site owners to give their visitors a preview of all links on their site.

They leveraged their site preview functionality, a key differentiator on their search engine, as a means for getting little bitty search boxes on each preview pane they pop on someone’s site.

They may or may not go “everywhere” with this idea but it’s a strong step into distribution that clearly displays their strongest differentiator in the world of search.

Ask could think about distribution by creating a means for site owners to enable visitors to “zoom in” on key phrases and concepts on a website…

via Colburn

About the Author:
Garrett French loves creative distribution ideas and if you appear even faintly interested he will talk with you for hours about distribution the next time he sees you.

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Garrett French is a long time search marketer, blogger and conversatrional marketing consultant.

Snap Preview Everywhere: Distributing Search Boxes by Enabling Site Previews

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