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Announcing our 1st S&S Spring Summit Contest Winner – Ben Cook (@Skittzo) !

We are only 33 days away from the 2010 Search & Social Spring Summit! Only 68 tickets are still available. We have sold out for past events and foresee the same for this one. Act FAST!

This is one of the most important conferences that you will ever attend in the search marketing industry. Top experts within the field are flying in from all over the country to be a speaker on our panel. Search marketing is ever-evolving and the news, trends and strategies will all be covered during those two days. And the most important reason to go is for the hyper-networking opportunities!

Congratulations to Ben Cook, @Skitzzo, for winning the first ticket to the summit! Cook entered in the Twitter contest by making up a team name, in his case Team Bacon, and having as many Twitter users tweet out Team Bacon. Cook put his best foot forward and brought about some hard-hitting strategies like antagonizing his competition as well as saying he won’t tweet politics for 6 months. Great job, Ben!

Now, what about Team Guns @KennyHyder, Team Bieber @Daver, Team Speedbag Club @Cyandle, Team Joe Hall @JoeHall and Team KickAss @TheMadHat? You guys still have a chance to redeem yourselves (see below).

And for anybody else who is still looking to get a free ticket to the Search & Social Spring Summit, here are a list of four other contests that will end this week (IMPORTANT: some of the deadlines have changed to this week!):


1)       VIP All-Expense-Paid Trip to Tampa, FL for the summit: Those who participate have to reach out to their friends, colleagues, etc. and get them to register on the event website. Whoever gets the most people to sign up by Thursday, April 15th, 2010 will win the VIP package. Since tickets are selling at a fast pace, you can purchase your ticket now and we will reimburse you if you win. Click here for more info.

Those who already entered, where are the results? Show your marketing skills. Yes, I am talking to you: Kiran Voleti, Michael Gustman, Peter Brooke, Robert Enriquez, Jason Owen, Kenny Hyder, Donovan Pete, Lisa Kenny, Renee Petro, John Koehler, Vivian Hoang, Paul Fach, Jörg Gammanick, Darren Ortsman, Tom Conte, Marcela Curran, Sam Khwaja, Michelle Dye, Dipali Thakkar, Shailendra Singh, Inga  Weireter, Nicole Burney, Petra Kraft, Scott Hemmons, Eric Weidner, Erin Martin, Roy Morejon, Geoffrrey Levin, Tu-Anh Pham, Nishant Mehta, Casey Yandle, Gene Gerwin, Ben Cook, Melissa Fach, Surjanu Chaudhuri, Nathan Driver, Mike Wells, Kieran Hawe, Chris Azzari.

2)      Your Story Contest: We’ve had some amazing responses from  several people. It was great to hear everyone’s story on how they came into the internet marketing industry. There’s still a chance for the rest of you to share your story here. We will end this contest at 12pm EST TODAY, March 31, 2010.


3)      YouTube Contest: Everyone who is entering needs to tell us an interesting story that they had through a social media network. Did you send a private, steamy message to someone on Facebook and it ended up going public? Did you break up with someone or got dumped on Myspace? Let us know! This will run until Thursday, April 1, 2010. Click here for more info.

4)      SEOtini Contest: What’s a search marketing conference without a little bit of alcohol to get the blood going? Our signature drink, the SEOtini, will be created by YOU! The one with the best recipe will win this contest. Enter here. This contest ends Friday, April 2, 2010.

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Thao Tran SEOtini

Thao Tran is the PR and SEO analyst for Search & Social. Networking is her forte and she has worked ...

Announcing our 1st S&S Spring Summit Contest Winner – Ben Cook (@Skittzo) !

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