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How Site Navigation Structure Impacts SEO: Interview With Benj Arriola

As part of our SEJ interview series, Benj Arriola of Internet Marketing Inc. joins us to discuss how site navigation structure impacts SEO.

Benj says there are so many navigation techniques being used these days that could change how the code is written. Various types of site navigation structure include tabbed navigation, accordion navigation, scrolling menus, homepage sliders and so on. If these are not coded properly they can cause issues with your site’s SEO.

Hear Benj explain how to avoid these issues in the video below:

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • There are two specific types of SEO issues that can result from site navigation structure, Benj explains.
  • The first issue involves the content of the site not being seen by search engines at all. Benj says if there’s any type of ajax effects going on sometimes it results in nothing being seen by search engines at all.
  • The second issue involves everything being seen, but the search engines view it as being all on one page.
  • The second issue is prevalent on sites that use tabbed navigation or parralax scrolling. This dilutes the keyword focus of the site since all of the content is seen as being a single page.
  • In order to not run into either of these issues, Benj suggests individual pages for each piece of content on your site that is being linked to with easily crawlable ahref links.
  • Sometimes when ajax effects are being used there’s no valid URL being used to link to your individual pages. Benj is not saying to avoid these effects all together; they can still be used if you do it properly.

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How Site Navigation Structure Impacts SEO: Interview With Benj Arriola

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