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Silobreaker : News search with Thorough Aggregation

Keeping users abreast with the latest trends in the news is what news aggregators are all about. Silobreaker, a UK based search and news engine provides a comprehensive interface along with several additional features that understanding news in context.

The engine culls information from 10,000 sources providing graphical display of relationship between entities mentioned in the news, the news trends that too including geographic data.

An excerpt from Arnodit

Once you use a system like Silobreaker, typing key words is not the way to search. Now, here’s the kicker. The relationship or geo map displays are just two of dozens the Silobreaker system supports. You can get “hot spot” maps with information plotted geographically. You can get charts and graphs. You can get relationship charts, bubble graphs, and just about any display of data that speaks to you. You can get the key quotes from the most important sources displayed for you, so you know what key thinkers say about a specific person, topic, or event.

Main features of the site are:

  • An interface packed to the seam with information for the news addict
  • Hot Spots feature to view the geographic location where a news a more popular
  • Network of people and places related to a search or keyword
  • Trends on popularity of news items

Technology-wise, the engine is famous for its relational analysis and context extraction process. As the terms suggest, the technology aids in relating disparate news items and entities mentioned in them. All in all, a site which would appeal to the extensive news searcher.

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Silobreaker : News search with Thorough Aggregation

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