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Should Your Blog Allow Every Comment with a Link?

A few months ago I decided to turn my blog into a do-follow blog to see if it helps increase activity, but honestly I can’t really say how much it’s helped or not. Sure, I’ve gotten some spam comments, but I always remove them. Just because it’s a do-follow blog doesn’t mean I have to approve every comment or allow every link. However, I have a moral question for all you bloggers. Would you approve ANY comment with a link you feel is just wrong or illegal on your blog? Before you answer, let me provide some back story.

Last week I was going through comments yet to be moderated on my blog (I know I need to be better at that) when I came across a comment that was really good, but the link in the user name (which wasn’t spammy btw) scared the crap out of me. I won’t mention or even link to it here. Let’s just say it was among the extremely perverted illegal type. At first I removed the link, comment luv from it and I almost approved it. Then I trashed it completely. I couldn’t with good conscious approve a comment from someone promoting such a vile site. It really made me re-question my position on continuing my blog as a do-follow. But then again, if it were a no-follow would I still get the same comments?

No matter if your site permits followed links or not, allowing usernames to put a link on your site, you’re the one hosting that link. I’m not talking about removing a competitor’s link when they comment or disallowing the little blue pill links, but your own personal and even professional ethics. Would you allow a comment with a link to a site that:

  • Promoted a particular political party?
  • Came from a site with bad service?
  • Sold illegal drugs/services?
  • Personally attacked another person?
  • Contained illegal images (child porn, etc.)?

How ethical should we be as bloggers when it comes to allowing links in comments on our blogs? Would you consider allowing the comment to be posted even if it were legit?

On the off chance you get a link from a site you feel should be looked at by the proper authorities; here is a list of some resources where they can be reported.

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Should Your Blog Allow Every Comment with a Link?

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