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Shopify SEO – How Shopify Is Making Their SEO Better [Podcast]


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Loren Baker, our host, spoke with Kevin Indig of Shopify, who shared his insights into the challenges of Enterprise SEO and e-commerce with us.

In this episode, we’ll learn about Shopify and its features, as well as its benefits and drawbacks and how it helps businesses and startups gain exposure.

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0:46: Who is Kevin Indig?
5:46: Managing Discontinued Items
9:23: Redirects
12:18: E-commerce Optimization
15:19: What is the edge of Shopify on E-commerce platforms?
20:48: What are your recommendations on image files?
22:51: Custom Directory Structures
25:35: Do you recommend internally linking products and collections to blog posts that are currently getting traffic?
30:08: E-commerce sites and Marketplace Partnership
36:47: Pre-existing logistical logistics system inventory
38:42: Tracking products
41:16: Shopify Plus vs. Shopify
45:52: Preparing for the holidays

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Additionally, as an additional benefit, Loren and Kevin went live again answering additional questions that our audience had, which you can review here below:

1:08: How to utilize a Shopify site with limited budget.
4:09: Kevin explains Shopify powered sites and Google partnerships.
10:02: Most important content part of the PDP page for Kevin.
14:59: Kevin’s tips for speeding things up and prioritizing the rendering of apps upon load.
19:16 Shopify’s take on duplicate content and handling multiple URLs.
24:59: Kevin’s opinion if the number of products are a ranking factor.
29:43: SEOs acknowledgement on the lifetime value of a customer.

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