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Sharing the Sights and Sounds of Europe through YouTube

Sharing the Sights and Sounds of Europe through YouTube

The European Commission in cooperation with YouTube has launched EUTube, a video portal showcasting the works of the European Union. The EC hopes to disseminate the activities of the Commission through videos and at the same encourage its citizens to comment on the video clips being uploaded in the EUTube channel. The EUTube channel would contain video news releases by and about the European Commission. Through these videos, the EC hopes that its citizen would be enticed to view other videos in the channel making them more and more aware of what the EC is doing.

Mikolaj Dowgielewicz, spokesman for the E.U. commissioner for institutional relations and communications strategy said that EU turned to YouTube so that:

“When a user watches clips on the channel, he or she is prompted to view other clips from the same source,”

Already there are varied reactions on the EC’s strategy of using a web 2.0 video uploading site such as YouTube. But the EC believes that this a way of reaching out to its people who uses YouTube. But then again, one can help but wonder why such a big international organization would utilize such highly commercialized web service instead of coming up with its own technology.

Let’s just hope that we won’t see an EUspace in the near future.

In the meantime, why don’t you check out EUTube and enjoy watching how everyone can save the planet through an animated cartoon video.

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Sharing the Sights and Sounds of Europe through YouTube

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