Sold for $14 Million

SMS Text Sold for $14 Million

The domain name was sold this week for an amazing price of $14,000,000 says Adult Net Industry site XBiz was told by a source at Grant Media, which is handling the sale of the domain name, and (which XBiz says “shares office space in Boston with Domain Name Acquisition Group (DNAG), a company that was involved in a lawsuit surrounding the domain in September“).

The buyer of the domain is Escom, LLC : which may or may not be associated with IRE or DNAG. Apparently there was a lot of hoopla and court cases about who owned the domain a few years back. Now, it’s quite clear that Escom, LLC owns, and they have laid (no pun intended) $14 million clams out on the table to prove it. adds :

Prior to learning of the sale of, numerous adult industry message board postings had already begun speculating on the sale after noticing the radical change in the appearance of the website. On the homepage of the updated website, the new owners refer to the site as “the new,” and the appearance is radically different from the former site. The site is copyrighted by Escom.

So, is $14,000,000 a lot to pay for, which may be one of the most searched for terms and typed in sites online. I wonder how many Adult Friend Finder ad clicks and webcam chat subscriptions the site earns in a year’s time.

If Blog Herald can sell for close to $72,000, the sum of a projected 3 years in revenue, buying for 194 times the amount of Blog Herald does not seem like that much of a risk. would have to bring in over $388,889 a month to meet that 3 year site revenue figure, which I’m sure it could probably do. I reckon that coming up with the $14 million to buy the site is another story.

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Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • franky

    Definetly got a bargain there for sure,There must be some catch (stocks/%of profit etc..) This was supposedly being bought in 2000 for 154 million was it not? Why so low now huh!

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  • kewlchat

    wow thats alot for a domain..

  • sex toys

    i wonder how much money is generating a day right now