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Serph Social Media Search Engine Out of Beta, Open to Public

Serph, the reputation tracking search engine which scours results from various social media sites has come out of private beta testing and is now open to the public.

Serph tracks sites including various Blogs, Flickr, Delicious, Digg, Technorati, Bloglines, YouTube, Google Blog Search, Sphere, Ma.gnolia, Podzinger, Newsvine, Feedster, and all into one easy to manage search engine.

When Serph first went into beta testing I interviewed Cameron Olthius of ACS, the company which launched Serph.

During the interview, Cameron exlained a bit about Serph:

Serph is social meta search engine that was designed as a buzz tracking tool. It goes out and searches various online social media sites to find the latest buzz on the web right now. The results are then sorted and organized so the most recent buzz appears first.

Serph was never intended to be a search engine in the traditional sense. However, since we started beta testing we’ve noticed lots of people actually using it as a search engine for things that are happening now, like news.

The idea to create Serph came from a pain that if we wanted to track the buzz for clients or ourselves we had to use several different outlets. We figured it would be much easier if we could just search all those outlets with one simple to use tool.

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Serph Social Media Search Engine Out of Beta, Open to Public

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