SEOgadget Keyword Tools are Now Open to Public

SMS Text has announced a new keyword tool beta to make the keyword research process more actionable and (hopefully) enjoyable experience. According to the announcement, “Getting clear visibility on keyword search volume and opportunity data is painstaking and time intensive, but it’s such an important part of the initial and ongoing process of SEO”.

The tool combines keyword data from your Google Analytics account with local search volume (based on your geographic location via the adwords api) and search engine ranking. Allowing for 1000, 5000, or 10,000 keywords in a campaign, the tool aims to solve some of the laborious, copy and paste related operations associated with larger scale keyword research projects.

Aimed at SEO people, the tool allows you to create a keyword category to group keywords in almost any way you choose. In the example below, a stone merchants website has created a “products” category with “keyword markers” such as “flint”, “pebble”, “stone” and “gravel”.

SEogadget keyword research tools

You could use the category editor to create all types of keyword groups all the way down the user journey from “intent” to “purchase”. Site architects might be interested in creating categories to represent all content groups on their site. Think: gender (“shoes for men”, “shoes for women”), colour (“red”, “blue”, “green”), or type (“boots”, “shoes”, “heels”) and so on.

seogadget keyword research tool

Data can be custom filtered, using rank, visits and search volume to find “low hanging fruit”, “keywords that rank on page 2” or combinations of rank, visits and search volume.

If you’d like to export your data to make pivot charts and tables, that’s easy. The data comes out of the tool in a CSV format with each keyword, search volume, category and rank in the data.

Learn more about the tool on the SEOgadget blog, check out the tool at Search Engine Journal readers can signup with a 50% discount on their first month’s subscription with SEJREADERS

Ann Smarty
Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing, tutorials and her guest blogging project,
Ann Smarty
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  • Richard Baxter

    Ann, I’d just like to thank you for covering us in SEJ! Thank you and speak soon – if anyone has any questions, feel welcome to say hi @richardbaxter

  • bert

    Looks like the coupon code SEJREADERS is invalid 🙁

    • Richard Baxter

      Hey Bert – I’ve just checked and the code should be fine, really not sure what was happening with the error there. Again, if you get in touch via our contact form I’ll see what I can do for you.

  • bert

    Looks like the coupon code SEJREADERS is invalid 🙁

  • bert

    Looks like the coupon code SEJREADERS is invalid 🙁

  • Erikgloudemans

    I seem to get hick ups all the time. Maybe you can use some of the comments and feedback below.
    1) where’s the demo
    2) There’s a checkbox to accept terms in the signup form. It does not contain a link to these terms however. I had to scroll down to the footer.
    3) information about minimum subscription time is minimal. In the section terms and conditions an initial subscription term is mentioned which is defined in the same document but at another place. I want to make sure that I can cancel after one month if I don’t like the tool.
    4) the coupon code is not working.
    5) Would it be possible to have my company name and VAT number on the invoice and ensure proper EU VAT treatment.
    6) My subscription ends in an error. “Do not Honour”??


    • Richard Baxter

      Hi Erik, thank you for your feedback

      – We’re working on the demo and screenshots and I hope to get these updated soon. I’m writing a “how to” for SEOgadget, too.
      – Checkbox, ok that’s very useful and easy to do
      – You can cancel and there’s no commitment there at all. Sorry our product copy doesn’t reflect this, I’ll add it to the sign up page
      – Yes we’ll get that sorted out as a matter of priority
      – Sorry about the error! Our error messages are quite unfriendly I know. Our subscription services provider api provides that arror message, and we’re speaking to them to make it friendlier. Most often the error message on sign up is caused by information inputted incorrectly – that’s our form conversion and we’re still getting the layout right

      Get in touch with me via the contact form on our site and I’ll see what I can do for you. Hope that’s alright.

  • Brian

    Ann, thanks!

    I’m searching for a tool that will show me intitle and inanchor data for long lists of keywords. I can find this myself doing queries for search terms one at a time, but if I have a list of hundreds of keywords it’s too tine consuming. Do you know of a tool that will accept a pasted list of keywords and show me search volume, intitle, inanchor data for all the keywords? Thanks if you do.