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SEOBook Launches Improved Wordtracker Powered Keyword Tool

SEOBook Launches Improved Wordtracker Powered Keyword Tool

Aaron at SEO Book has partnered with Wordtracker to release a new & improved keyword tracking tool just in time for the holidays (forgive me, I’m in Panera right now listening to Bing Crosby, sitting across from a Christmas tree and eating a chocolate chip cookie … so I’m full of holiday cheer this morning)!

SEO Book’s new Keyword Tool (or THE Keyword Tool) is a vast improvement says Aaron, as after talking to Wordtracker about how unreliable the Yahoo Keyword Suggestion tool is, Wordtracker worked with AWall to develop this new free tool.

So Aaron, what are the improvements over the old SEO Book Keyword Tool?

  • We now have a CSV export option at the top of the results. And it is pretty sweet! It lists keyword, WordTracker count, daily estimates for the big 3 engines, and broad and phrase match versions of each keyword 🙂
  • Because Wordtracker’s business model relies on selling keyword data, they have a vested interest in keeping it as clean and reliable as possible, and are unlikely to pull a Yahoo
  • Wordtracker does not tokenize plural words into their singular versions, so you get to see volumes for both singular and plural to know which is more popular. In fact, if you search for the plural they will still return the singular
  • Wordtracker does not arbitrarily alter the word order like the Overture did
  • Wordtracker’s API is much more reliable than grabbing the data from Overture was
  • Wordtracker’s API allows you to filter out adult keywords.
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SEOBook Launches Improved Wordtracker Powered Keyword Tool

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