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I have already reviewed some great SEO features of FireBug FireFox extension – and today I am looking at another awesome multi-feature addon. Web Developer Toolbar allows for a huge number of cool SEO-useful options and here’s a quick overview of them:

1. Search for image paths and file names:

  • Go: Images => Display image paths
  • Now use CTRL+F search functionality to find hidden images or images containing keywords, etc

Search image paths

2. Disable JavaScript or CSS styles to make sure all elements of your page are easily accessed by all people and search engines:

Web developer toolbar: disable CSS

3. Display image Alt attributes to see how well images are optimized right within the page design:

Web developer toolbar: image alt text

4. Test your site:

  • Find broken images;
  • Assess Validation errors and reports.

5. Research and visualize on-page links:

  • Display URL path next to each text link;
  • Outline External links (“Outline” -> “Outline links” ->”External links”).
  • View the list of all page links (“Information” -> “View link information”).

6. View document outline:

The outline is built based on the H-tags usage. This way you will be able to evaluate how headings are used on page, how keywords are used there, which H-levels are missed, etc

Web Developer: HTML semantic structure

7. Edit HTML

(Accessed via “Miscellaneous” -> “Edit HTML”)

To conclude, it should be noted that like any multi-feature software, this one offers a huge number of more possible SEO uses – above I was only listing only my favorite ones, and you are welcome to share yours!

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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Ann Smarty
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  • Nice insight. I always used this extension but never used it for SEO. Thanks!

  • Thanks Ann, Nice blog.. i got lot of information here…

  • I have been using both addons for passed few years and find them indispensable.

    ctrl-shift-F gives you a pointer to select page elements to see what tags are being used and will show you all parent elements.

    Under information tab on the toolbar. Viewing the meta and page headers are another reason why for seo this tool rocks.

    I wrote a smaller review of them in an article that was targeted more for new web designers/developers

  • Really helpful article Ann – Intelligent as well as beautiful ;0)

  • I’m using FF 3.5 and it works fine and have everything I need.


  • Kind of you Ann. Really useful post. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Nice article Ann, thanks for posting such resourceful info on this blog.

  • Snyder

    I like Shareaholic for spreading content/links.

  • Now if only Firefox would stop crashing! Then I might actually be able to use it full-time instead of Chrome or Safari.


  • Finding ALT attribution information is one of my favorite features of this plug-in; and the Document outline is a very nifty feature, especially if you’re love your HTML semantic.