SEO Efforts Don’t Have to be Dead on Arrival

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Most of us at one time or another has viewed the television commercial of the older women who has fallen and can’t get up.

Well, for some business owners, they probably feel that way sometimes about their company’s SEO efforts. The intent may be good, but the bottom line is the search engine marketing campaigns their companies are employing are on a fast track to nowhere.

In the event your business falls into that scenario, there are things to look at and review as to why that is the case.

Among the possible problems with your SEO efforts are:

  • Targeted keywords are not properly focused – While keywords are extremely important to your SEO efforts, making sure you have the right ones is even more crucial. Put the emphasis on lower competing keywords first and then work your way up to more prominent placed verbiage. Also, make sure your keywords are those that will bring you targeted visitors;
  • Links not properly placed – Make sure your back linking efforts are properly placed. With sound backlinks, your site will receive better rankings on search engines such as Google;
  • Poor color selections – Your site’s color choices can also sway or dismay visitors. Make sure the color selection is easy on the eyes, is not distracting to the point of concealing the message, and becomes the focal point of the site. If your site’s colors are all over the place, they can also call into question your site’s professionalism;
  • Content feels a little stale – You can have the best designed site and yet no one really cares. Why you ask? Quite simply your content is on life support. Remember that your content should be updated on a regular basis and have information that is going to serve your visitors. While some of your content will want to highlight the company, don’t make all your content turn into self-serving advertorials. Make sure you have pertinent information that is unique and that will serve those visiting your site;
  • Bloggers can’t be choosy – Speaking of content, does your site have a blog? While there are different opinions on the fruits and labors of blogging, most folks will tell you that blogs cannot hurt, that is provided they are updated regularly, provided useful content, and serve a worthwhile purpose. Use your blog to talk to current and potential customers so that you have yet one more line of communication with them;
  • Eat Spam, don’t send it – Another issue that can confront and hinder your SEO efforts is spamming. Face it; no one likes to get a ton of spam in their inbox. Your SEO efforts should be as free of spam as possible, otherwise you face the wrath of search engines;
  • Numbers are not being recorded – For too many businesses running SEO campaigns, there is a lack to detail when it comes to recording metrics. It is important to record your stats to see who is coming to your site, where they are coming from, when they are coming, which keywords are tracking best etc. Take the numbers and analyze them to see what trends have evolved over time. If certain areas are lacking etc. then take the time to improve them so that you’re not just left spinning your wheels.

When you integrate a number of these commonsense practices, you should notice an improvement in your SEO efforts, something both you and your clients will benefit from.

Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas covers consumer and small business topics for various websites, including
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