SEO Effectiveness: Spend Your Time Wisely

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SEOs keep discussing the effectiveness of old traditional techniques like reciprocal links and directory submission. Naturally, they cannot so easily be forgiven because they remain the easiest free way to gain backlinks with the keyword-targeted anchor text. I myself turned to the topic several times and got a heated discussion in response.

However what is wrong about discussing the real effectiveness of the traditional SEO techniques is that we often forget about time factor. With most of these techniques the minor effect they might have fades compared to the amount of time you have to spend on them.

SEO Effectiveness

By spending your time wisely, you can both achieve similar (and higher) effectiveness and accomplish other no less useful tasks. Here are a couple of examples.

Stop trying to figure out if reciprocal linking can still be helpful. Searching for potential link partners and sending out “link exchange” requests is time consuming (even if effective). Build relationships instead. Link out generously, comment, help promote someone else’s content and interact, and you will see both one-way and reciprocal links coming on their own.

Stop trying to understand how Google treats directories. They are numerous now – submitting to as many as you can takes plenty of time and effort (or money). Trying to sort out only most trusted and authority ones will take even more time. Apart from the dubious SEO value, directories won’t give you any other benefit: either visitors, or link bait. If you instead focus on social bookmarking directories, you have huge chances to achieve (deep) links from a directory, visitors and natural links from people mentioning you.

Stop trying to decide if submitting to search engines (yeah, many people are still trying to) can speed up your site indexing. Focus on your content and on-site SEO instead. A valuable product will soon get found and ranked.

Ann Smarty
Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing, tutorials and her guest blogging project,
Ann Smarty
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  • PR NY

    Submitting to multiple directories may be time consuming to we rich, impatient Americans – but wouldn’t you know it, third world countries have made a business of hiring workers and students to do all that for us via outsourcing.

    And of course lets not forget about the new directory submission software.

  • Amish Keshwani

    Hi Ann, I am totally agree with you as far as outcome is concerned, In fact the methods u listed here are the genuine & about building the VALUE for your name in the Global market. But, still don’t you think that, Link Building & other traditional methods are necessary when most of your competitors are spending a lot of time on that Or They either outsource their work for the same. So, I think, What the important thing is how u manage your time on all the activities by choosing the innovative methods to get the optimum result.

    I am a regular reader of your blog, but this is the first time I dare to write a comment on ur blog ūüôā

  • Business Website Builders

    Link building is an important factor to achieve a better placement for you website with the search engines.I think it’s a good idea to star the ball rolling yourself and build a few links.

    But as suggested here you are better off using a reputable service provider to submit links for you, and focus on creating new content instead.

  • Pravish Thomas

    Hi Ann,

    Nice one,,,,,,Well i think Local SEO needs to be given much importance as its in upward trend.

    Social Networking, Social Media really builds up traffic which i consider as really important when u want to reach the niche market or community.

    Blogging which is catching up is also very important like ur blog ūüôā its the best way to reach ppl,,,,,,, right Ann,,,,,

  • Tomas Kapler

    We employ few students who make us such manual registrations, about 150 catalogues costs us around 20$, what is fine price with better result then spending 20$ to copywriting. Of course for optimal result the best is to get both. But as you wrote, the result is only some minimal GPR, we got only one catalogue which brings direct customers (and is valid only for our country) plus some for special type of customers