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SEO Book Revenue Goes to Tsunami Relief Efforts

SEO Book Revenue Goes to Tsunami Relief Efforts

Pennsylvania based Search Engine Marketing specialist and author of the SEO Book, Aaron Wall will be donating all January revenues from the sale of his 120 page E-Book to Tsunami relief efforts.

The SEO Book, which sells for $79US is a do-it-yourself manual covering organic SEO techniques and PPC advertising, has received a good deal of praise for its coverage of SEO techniques and controversy from Mr. Wall’s sometimes aggressive
marketing techniques. Since it is an electronic book, it can be updated very quickly as evidenced by the new section explaining the “Sandbox Effect” at Google.

If you are a small business or webmaster who does not have the marketing budget to hire a professional SEO, the SEO Book can help you work your website like the pros would. If you purchase the book in the next 25 days, not only will you be doing your business a service, you’ll be helping the millions of people left destitute amidst the destruction

Jim Hedger is a senior editor for Also he is a writer, speaker and search engine marketing expert based in Victoria BC. Jim works with a limited group of clients and provides consultancy services. He has worked as an SEO for over 5 years and welcomes the opportunity to share his experience through interviews, articles and speaking engagements. Hedger can be reached at

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SEO Book Revenue Goes to Tsunami Relief Efforts

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