SEO – What Does The Future Hold?

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The dilemma for any SEO company; is how search engines change their algorithm (how they rank websites on the web).

As the internet is growing, more and more websites are starting up and diluting each market; which makes SEO a constant job that is never finished.

SEO Today

The tactic that worked last year does not work this year – and that is something that frustrates any SEO company.  However there are good points to be considered with the bad.

The Bad

Hard work is spent in getting articles submitted to article directories, manually submitting websites to directories and writing quality content to go on site.  Search engines change their way of ranking websites and all the hard work seems somewhat irrelevant.

The Good

With many markets, website owners look for ways to beat the system (getting quicker results).  So while some people spent time writing unique articles, others get an article modified and submitted automatically boosting their search position overnight in one go.  Hardly fair for those of us who play by the rules; but this is why search engines do adapt their ways of reading websites, to keep things fair.

There are many factors that contribute to the SEO arsenal so the trick for many SEO companies is to get the balance and apportion time & resource effectively.  The problem however is that without knowing exactly where the itch is, it is hard to scratch it.

SEO Tomorrow

There is a good possibility that the way that search engines continue to rank websites will change, but a few things will remain constant.

  • Backlinks – Websites that have more qualify links to them are considered more popular in their market, and as such will rank higher in their search fields.  It will always be the case that sites that have more links will rule.
  • Quality – Websites that have quality links from authoritative websites will be ranked higher due to the strength of the links.  Numbers do not count for everything (quality over quantity).

Although search engines do and will continue to change the way they rank websites, the two factors above will always remain constant, in that quality of links is core, and number of quality links is important.

The methods of exactly how to achieve the above will vary and it is the job of the SEO company to find the best ways to achieve them.

Search engines do look at the quality of backlinks, and also consider that if a website has ‘spammy’ links or links from irrelevant websites, then this can have a negative effect, so keeping an eye on what sites are sending links (via google toolmaster) is helpful in order to protect your link portfolio.

Closing Thoughts

SEO is always going to be hard work and is never going to be a finished job.  Every business will have competitors looking to pip them to first place.  Ensuring that your onsite SEO and offsite SEO are steadily being worked on will show the search engines that your site is worth taking note of.  By getting good quality links and lots of them (from relevant websites) should ensure that you are going in the right diretion.

David Blackburn

David Blackburn

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  • stato77

    SEO Journal has gone way downhill lately! The quality and content of this article is insulting to your readers. You could have at least checked through the spelling.

    I bet this comment won’t get published but you should be ashamed of yourselves!

    • Peter Brown

      You took the words out of my mouth, such a poor post.

  • DLI84

    This is a poor article by SEJ standards. Despite the vague content and the poor presentation, the main problem is that the fundamental point is highly debatable.

    There is a HUGE possibility that link quantity and quality will loose a lot of relevance in future algorithms, instead being replaced with increasingly popular metrics such as social signals, user behaviour patterns, brand signals and further quality measures (akin to Panda).

    These two factors will NOT stay consistent, nothing in the search algorithms stay constant. Otherwise it would be incredibly easy to manipulate results, which would not provide users with the best query results.

    Sorry David, this is not a personal attack, its just this article offers nothing in terms of depth, information and (more importantly) accuracy.

    • SEOExperts

      I see the same possibility and frankly would be disappointed if G or others would put more emphasis on social signals, rather than quality links and content.
      It is not hard “to buy” thousands of followers, fans, +1 and other services. Changing ranking to reflect social media would make it very vulnerable to misuse and manipulation, even more than now.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    No one can know for certain what the future of SEO will be. The core of SEO is about change, changing your site to reflect the needs of your consumers and better align with the search engine algorithm. Google could decide to completely redo their ranking system tomorrow. Us SEO folk have to be ready to roll with it.

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    Very Good article on SEO future we will get instantly results but now SEO will relate to quality.But it will interesting to see the future of SEO.

  • Anonymous

    SEO has really good future.. now most of the companies depends on Web Analysis or looking for competitors are doing.. really good article to read.

  • Anonymous

    SEO has really good future.. now most of the companies depends on Web Analysis or looking for competitors are doing.. really good article to read.

  • Mahendra Sharma

    I partly agree with the statement saying the fundamentals remain same. The content for onsite and a quality of link for offsite is going to be there as primary requirement always. Now measurement of good quality content will have amendments over the period of time whenever there is manipulation, the links may not be considered quality links based on new quality measures. So as an SEO company its essential to keep ourselves updated on the amendments in basic requirements. 

  • Brandignity

    I kind of like where things are heading for the SEO industry. The recent Panda update made us all realize that spending too much time in one area can be devastating to an online marketing plan and diversity & quality is key for future growth. I welcome these updates and I look forward to being able to apply my creative marketing & branding side of my brain to my clients. SEO for some time now has been nothing more than a science project. 

  • eurostar deals

    Well After Algorithm update it is quite difficult time for SEO. Old Methods of Link Building are no more effective.. The Basis of SEO needed to be changed and new methods need to adopted according to search engine guidelines!!

  • antonis vourtsis

    totally agree with  Nick Stamoulis

  • Anonymous

    Is this a joke?

  • Affordable SEO Services

    I’ve found lots of excellent contents about SEO services! nice blog 🙂

  • Adrian Toma

    This post treats some basis for the future of SEO, I thought many times what the future give us, I gues in SEO it will allways be a question of hard working and clever online marketing in the same time

  • BPO Offshore Outsourcing

    I partly agree with you Nick. You’re exactly right that no one can predict what can SEO will be after a days,weeks, months or even a year. There’s  always a  process of modernization because SEO world is changing and I believe that someday SEO has a very good future. Anyways, this article sounds like informative to me. Thanks for this!

  • SEOshite

    SEO is crap.

  • Search Engine Marketing

    This is a very interesting article.Great efforts.I really enjoyed this article while reading.In this article future of the SEO is described which is very helpful material fo me.So kep sharing with us.

  • Raghu

    Very Nice Informative Post.. 

  • Akash Kumar

    Well whatever may change it does not matter because people look for information on sites and the sites which provide it will still get the links and will be awarded by the search engines. The algorithms may keep changing but the main stress is always to look for helpful and related content as long as a site has it changes don’t matter.

    BTW – I agree that these days the quality of posts on SEJ is getting lower than earlier times.

  • Jigs and Fixtures

    SEO seems so tough. Almost every week some new GURU comes along with next biggest thing. I would follow KISS.

  • Abbey McEacharn

    I don’t think this is a future of SEO. In future SEO will become more expensive and more valuable.anyway this article is good to read 🙂