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SenseBot Releases FireFox Plugin for Google Result Summaries

SenseBot Releases FireFox Plugin for Google Result Summaries

SenseBot is a search engine that produces summaries of the results that appear when you perform a search. Its a tool that is very useful when you want to make sense of a topic and there’s a deluge of content from the web to choose from. Now, SenseBot has provided a FireFox plug-in that integrates with Google search as well as provides summary for any web page.

From the SearchBot Web Page:

You can download a free Firefox browser plug-in integrating SenseBot with your Google searches. You search as usual, and a text summary of the content of the search results is generated at the bottom of the Google results page.

There are two plug-ins available – Google Search Summary Plugin that provides a summary of the search results for the search you perform on Google and a Summarizer plug-in that can be used to produce a gist of any webpage (as long there is enough content on the page to produce a summary of). You can a give a try to the plug-in from the download site here.

Summarization is an approach that deserves much attention since content online is growing phenomenally. Algorithm generated summaries will emerge more as a norm in future.

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