SEJ Wrap-Up: Small Business SEO Secrets and Using Images Legally

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Meg Cabrera
Meg Cabrera SEJ STAFF
SEJ Wrap-Up: Small Business SEO Secrets and Using Images Legally

This is the wrap-up of the most popular posts and announcements on SEJ over the past week. Newsletter subscribers are the first to receive this and other updates.

Small Business and SEO Friendly Web Design

What to Know About SEO Friendly Web Design | SEJ

As a small business owner getting ready to build your first website or redesign your existing one, you might wonder what you should be considering in terms of making your web design search engine friendly.

There are lots of things to take into account, but here are the five key things that you should know about SEO friendly web design and how it can benefit your visitors. Read this week’s top SEO post.

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Using Images Legally and Avoiding Lawsuits

How to Legally Use Images Online | Search Engine Journal

In USA, all creative works are protected by US copyright law, including images. If you publish the wrong photo on your blog and you might have the pleasure of opening a sternly worded cease and desist letter. Or worse.Copyright holders are not obligated to warn you before they take the matter to civil court.

In another of this week’s top posts, SEJ Contributor Logan Strain teaches you how to you can find and publish legally compliant images using several methods. Read the full post here.

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Here is a rundown of the most popular posts on SEJ from last week:

  1. 5 Signs You’re Meant to Be An Entrepreneur, by Christina Baldassarre
  2. 5 Things Small Business Owners Should Know About SEO Friendly Web Design, by Aleh Barysevich
  3. How to Legally Use Images Online, by Logan Strain
  4. 7 Low Hanging Fruits That Any SEO Can Fix, by Neil Patel
  5. 6 Marketing Metrics That Need to Die, by Larry Kim / [Ad] Profitable SEO Keywords Are Within Your Reach, by SEJ AdNouncements
  6. Why QR Codes Are More Outdated Than Your Pog Collection, by Kelsey Jones
  7. Google is Rolling Out Algorithm Updates Targeting Hacked Spam, by Matt Southern
  8. Marketing Nerds Podcast With Wil Reynolds, by Brent Csutoras
  9. This Month in Content Marketing: September 2015, by Danielle Antosz
  10. What is the Future For Traditional Advertising Agencies, by Lee Wilson

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