Creating Advanced Segments In Google Analytics: Filtering Out Branded Keyword

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In our previous post on creating useful advanced segments in Google Analytics we were talking about setting up the process and determining your true shopper. Now, let’s also see how to create a segment for non-branded keyword.

SEOs and SEMs know that search data showing non-branded keywords (keywords that do not include a company’s brand or any variations/misspellings of it) helps them determine which anchor text to use in link building and which keywords to bid for in Google Adwords. They also know that getting Google Analytics to show this information can be time-consuming and cumbersome, especially if this process has to be done by someone often. This next section will go over how to filter out branded keywords from your search data using a custom segment. Here are the steps to getting it set up and activated:

Steps: Filtering Out Branded Keywords

  • As explained earlier, access the Advanced Segments menu to create a new segment for extracting non-branded keywords.
  • Click and drag “Keyword” as your Dimension.
  • Select “Does not contain” as your Condition.
  • Type your branded keyword variation as your Value.
  • Click “Add “and” statement” to include other variations or misspellings of a branded keyword.
  • After inputting all branded keyword variations, name the segment and click “Save Segment.”

Advanced segments

  • Click “Test Segment” to see if works. A properly functioning advanced segment will show the amount of visits for that respective statement.
  • Lastly, check the “All Visits” and “non-branded keywords” boxes in the Advanced Segment menu to activate them. This will show you a data comparison between the two groups.

After completing these steps, you will have the ability to view only non-branded keywords and their respective data. In the example below, you can see that keywords that include InMotion Hosting or any of its derivative/misspellings no longer appear. Instead, keywords like business class web hosting and fast webhosting populate the data.

advanced segments

* Disclaimer: Various data has been fabricated/hidden to protect private information.


After seeing the examples of the detailed information that advanced segments can provide, it’s evident that they were created to help online marketers do their jobs faster and more effectively. I illustrated how advanced segments automate the majority of my data mining process, which in turn gives me more time to spend on higher priority projects, such as creating an informative link bait article or improving the bounce rate of my company’s homepage.

I strongly suggest reviewing the robust selection of advanced segment customizations available in Google Analytics. There you can find many options for constructing advanced segments which will allow you to quickly pull valuable search data as often as you want.

Brian Flores
Brian Flores is the SEO for InMotion Hosting, one of the top providers of virtual private servers in the US. He spends a good part... Read Full Bio
Brian Flores
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    A lot of people don’t know how to leverage their Google analytics data properly, there are a lot of features that people don’t even use to their benefits

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    Most of the small companies are still blissfully ignorant of social media influence on customer choice of products/services.

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    Yes its true that very few people knows how to use Google Analytics properly, and how can we truly get benefit of that.

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      That is a good point and even though that is the case I have been learning more about how to use Analytics every chance I get. What is a good resource about advanced Google Analytics?

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    Of course.. I agree this points.. 

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    Great post Brian. One of the things I like to do with advanced segmentation is to categorize visitors into geographic regions based on the sales territories or markets of my clients. I’ve found it extremely useful to be able to set up reports unique to a given region like New England or the Midwest so that I can see an aggregate of how each region is doing. The data isn’t perfect, but the insights are pretty good.

    • Brian Flores SEO

      Absolutely correct on using advanced segments to determine sales performance in territory/market; I briefly mentioned and showed how to do that in the first post to this two part series.  As for data being imperfect, you’re absolutely correct about that too, but it’s something to give you an idea of your online marketing performance. 

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    I think Google Analytics is not the bast tool to monitor website

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    It’s important to give careful thought to the use of corporate / brand keywords, or keywords that support your company’s brand name. Some advertisers believe that bidding on their own brand terms is a waste of money. The reason being that the user has decided to convert with the brand he searched for and it would make more sense if he did it by clicking on the natural listings. Brand keywords almost always appear at the top of the natural listings, (but not always). 

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    Good post. I’m using google analytics, but i didn’t know about this, THANKS.

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    Having this set up correctly in analytics is so important. I fear that many people don’t use Google Analytics to it’s fullest advantage because they don’t put the time in to learn what it can really do. Thank for sharing this post.   

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    Google Analytics is so essential for businesses.  It’s worth it to take a few simple steps to make sure it’s set up properly because if it’s not then it’s a real big waste of time.  Thanks for a good overview!