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“Secret” Google Products

“Secret” Google Products

“Secret” Google Products

Via Google Operating System, Tony Ruscoe has an interesting post on secret Google stuff. More from GOS:

“Tony Ruscoe has found many interesting Google services, using an automated tool that fetches URL addresses like https://www.google.com/ accounts/ Login?service= [GoogleService].”

Google LH2, a service that for the moment redirects to http://lh2.google.com/lh/invitationRequired. That means it’s a closed beta. The name might suggest it’s Google Lighthouse.

Google RS2, Google SSD, Mobile Download Console – SSD might be Simple Storefront Distribution, RS2 – Remote Storage, while the Mobile Download Console might be a software synchronization tool, like Browser Sync extension.

M Scrapbook – code-named Weaver. Maybe related to Dreamweaver?”

I don’t necessarily think that Google is coming up with a challenge to well-established WYSIWYG editor Dreamweaver; the fact that it’s also got a “scrapbook” in its name leads me to speculate it’s something related to images…but again, this is all just speculation.


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