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Searchbots, Personalized Search Engine Trawls the Web

Searchbots, Personalized Search Engine Trawls the Web

Continuous search is an area that is about automating search into particular areas to receive continuously updated information as and when content gets added to the net. Searchbots are the answer to maintaining personalized search engines that keep trawling the web for your specific area of interest. They continually visit new links that come up on the area of your choice or they revisit old but updated pages to receive new content.

An example of a automated search project is that presents a site for creation of customized search engines that troll the web for data defined specifically by the user. The concept is about adding characteristics to your personalized search tool and then observing the kind of data that is trawled by the engine and tweaking it for better results.

A quote from the creator of, Mark Zeman (Scoop)

Mr Zeman, from the Institute of Communication Design, says Searchbots is an experimental search engine that “investigates the use of mythology, personification and game theory as motivational strategies in creating a search community”.

One good feature of the searchbots is the ability for searchbots to interact among themselves which implies a social ranking for links and an avenue for further discovery of relevant links. At the same time , the searchbots are not tied to any particular search engine which increases the scope of discovering new documents.

While search bots are not a radically new concept, a personalized search engine is nevertheless a good addition to the netizen’s repertoire.

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Searchbots, Personalized Search Engine Trawls the Web

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