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Search Query Data Now Auto Imported Into RavenTools

Ever since Google announced that it won’t be releasing search data for people logged into Google and instead offing “not provided” we’ve been waiting for an answer. We’re all looking for accurate search data that includes impressions, clicks, click-through rate and average position. This afternoon, Raven Tools became the first large-scale Internet marketing platform to integrate and automated Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) search query data to give us this data.

Dubbed “Top Searches” inside Raven’s GWT and SEO Metrics tools, the newly added data includes up to the top 2,000 search queries (a.k.a. keywords) for which Google displayed your website, as well as impressions, clicks and click-through rate for each keyword.

Most importantly for SEOs, it includes the average position of each keyword in the Google SERPs.

“Average position is currently the best possible way to measure where your site ranks for a keyword,” Raven Tools’ Chief Product Officer Jon Henshaw said of the addition. “Universal search, geo-influenced results, search history and more all influence where your site actually ranks, and that varies greatly. An average is a good measure. Also, this data comes directly from the source, Google, not someone scraping Google’s SERPs.”

After you sync Raven with your GWT account, Raven updates your website’s GWT data once a day. It also shows change over time, which is handy for tracking campaign progress.

raven tools search query data GWT

There are lots of SEO insights in this data. You can see which keywords have high average positions without any actual clicks through to your website, or discover keywords that have a high CTR, but low average position. It’s also interesting to sort results by high impressions but low click-through to your website.

For SEOs who are looking for more reliable, valid data to report to clients about keyword position, this is a tool to check out.

I would love to know what everyone thinks about this and how you think this will impact SEO?

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Search Query Data Now Auto Imported Into RavenTools

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