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Ever since Google announced that it won’t be releasing search data for people logged into Google and instead offing “not provided” we’ve been waiting for an answer. We’re all looking for accurate search data that includes impressions, clicks, click-through rate and average position. This afternoon, Raven Tools became the first large-scale Internet marketing platform to integrate and automated Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) search query data to give us this data.

Dubbed “Top Searches” inside Raven’s GWT and SEO Metrics tools, the newly added data includes up to the top 2,000 search queries (a.k.a. keywords) for which Google displayed your website, as well as impressions, clicks and click-through rate for each keyword.

Most importantly for SEOs, it includes the average position of each keyword in the Google SERPs.

“Average position is currently the best possible way to measure where your site ranks for a keyword,” Raven Tools’ Chief Product Officer Jon Henshaw said of the addition. “Universal search, geo-influenced results, search history and more all influence where your site actually ranks, and that varies greatly. An average is a good measure. Also, this data comes directly from the source, Google, not someone scraping Google’s SERPs.”

After you sync Raven with your GWT account, Raven updates your website’s GWT data once a day. It also shows change over time, which is handy for tracking campaign progress.

raven tools search query data GWT

There are lots of SEO insights in this data. You can see which keywords have high average positions without any actual clicks through to your website, or discover keywords that have a high CTR, but low average position. It’s also interesting to sort results by high impressions but low click-through to your website.

For SEOs who are looking for more reliable, valid data to report to clients about keyword position, this is a tool to check out.

I would love to know what everyone thinks about this and how you think this will impact SEO?

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  • You know you can have all that data on Google Analytics. All you have to do is link both accounts, you can even filter for google product and see your average position on web, mobile and others. The only down side is that you are limited to only three months of data. But I download it to a spread sheet to keep track of longer periods of time..

  • Being one of the many who were disheartened when Raven dropped SERP reporting in favor of keeping the Google API originally, this is interesting. Are you saying Raven’s new feature shows keywords that would otherwise be listed as “not provided”?

  • Reed Smith

    I agree with Felipe this data has been accessible from Google for a long time. I just think SEO’s are dieing to be able to report actual ranking results and since this is the only means to get it now Raven is pumping it up as “better data” than can be found in old scraping SERP’s. If Google SERP’s is truly superior to scraping why did most SEO’s not use Google before?? I just think we are at Google’s mercy taking SERP scraps! 😉

    • I’ve used them for a long time to help me know which keywords I’m ranking for and which ones I need to step-up and work a bit harder on. Filtering takes a bit of time. Seems like everything is integrated and in one easy place. I think they just make it easier but it’s true what you say… not something you couldn’t get in GWT. I think everyone is at Google’s mercy nowdays!

  • Felipe, all true. Here’s the difference with what we’re doing:

    1) We automatically retrieve and save the data daily for you, enabling you to eventually be able to compare changes over time beyond 3 months.
    2) The keyword data is integrated with our platform, including our Keyword Manager and Brand Segmentation.
    3) You can include it in your overall client reports with our Report Wizard.

    We plan on doing more with this data in the future, but this is the first step for us.

  • Jon, glad to see Raventools making some headway into the Google sphere again. After the drop in certain offering from RavenTools I had to cancel my subscription.

    As you stated its a first step, that’s good to see

    Good luck with the app


  • An interesting first step. Now tie the ranking data to revenue and conersions from GA and offer customizable reporting (excel and pdf) and you’ll have the killer app.

  • Revealing post. I have been wondering how to get this “not provided” data. It is not good that Google will hide such important data from us. How are we supposed to analyze SEO information.

  • Great to see Raven tools providing many interesting options after integrating the GWT. Especially this powerful tool is more reliable in providing the detailed and impressing keyword position data to the client.

  • Frank

    Pretty cool feature. Do you know how they get this data? Is this possible with the Google Webmaster Tools API or how does it work?