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Art of WAR - Search Marketing

Sun Tzu says, “Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.” There is truly an art to the search marketing war, so I find Sun Tzu’s message quite fitting. My opinion is that you should know your competitors. You should follow them closely on certain metrics and learn from them. Competitive intelligence should be thorough and, in that spirit, I will discuss some of the top competitors in the US car industry in comparison with the UK car industry including who has good content strategy and what the brands are doing to get their online visibility.

The car industry is definitely a competitive market, especially in the area of SEO. In taking a look at the new cars category in the US (below), we can see that ranks #3, but they are not just dumping a wad of cash into AdWords for search market share; these guys have gracefully built their organic visibility and climbed to the top 5, making them market leaders, at least in the last 12 weeks. Similarly,,, and are all sites that provide the possibility to buy and/or sell cars of different makes and models. There is only one brand here and that’s Cadillac.

Organic vs. Paid Visibility Matrix of US New Cars by Hoosh - Search Marketing Intelligence

Screenshot taken 09/01/2014 of

We see a similar situation in the UK with who ranks #2 and continuously works hard to keep its organic position among the top 5 in the new cars category. You wouldn’t think it would be so difficult to keep your organic visibility market position, but when you are looking at a competitive category like new cars, a strong content strategy will keep you in the winner’s circle. This takes a constant effort to improve good content and linking.

Organic vs. Paid Visibility Matrix of UK New Cars by Hoosh - Search Marketing Intelligence

Screenshot taken 09/01/2014 of

Content Strategy Goes a Long Way in Search Marketing

An example of good content strategy is that of, ranking #1 with the strongest organic visibility and maintaining market leader status for the past 12 weeks. Curiosity sent me on a mission to find out how a news site is managing to maintain such high visibility in the new cars category. Historically, media groups have always had content related to cars, whether it was from the classified ads or talking about new cars coming out on the market. What I found was illuminating. The Telegraph claims to be “the only national news organization with a stand-alone, award-winning supplement dedicated solely to motoring,” as described by Erin Baker, Head of Motoring at Telegraph Media Group.

Screenshot from Telegraph Festival of Motoring - Search Marketing Strategy

Screenshot taken 14/01/2014 of

To keep their readers informed and ahead of the game, Telegraph Media Group has created Britain’s first ever virtual motor show, the Telegraph Festival of Motoring. It “introduces a revolutionary way to find out about your next car”, with awards where the winners are voted for by the readers. This adds an engaging social aspect as well. Now that’s good content!

Brands vs. Everyone Else

Now let’s say you are a company that sells new cars online and you are looking at this search intelligence. What message do you get from this information?

Well, you see the search marketing strategies the different domains are working with. You can actually see a difference between the brand websites and the others. The brands seem to be focusing their efforts on AdWords. Everyone else, tends to gain the most share of search with either total organic visibility, or a nice balance of both organic and paid visibility. This is their strategy and this is what is working in the new cars category in the US and UK. Knowing your competition allows you to develop the right strategy to run with the best. I see an opportunity here for brands to grow in organic search and be stronger online by learning from our friends at The Telegraph.

Infographic of the HooshRanks for New Cars Category in the US and UK

Image credit: Used under license.

The HooshRanks above were extracted on January 9, 2014, and are based on the top 20-25 most searched and competitive generic keywords in the category, meaning no branded keywords are involved. I have filtered out the players that are not brands to display the brands that performed the best in the US and UK.

These market positions may have changed several times since then, because most brands have obtained such high visibility in their respective markets by means of Google AdWords. Since a domain’s paid visibility depends on the AdWords investments, the HooshRank can change dramatically. However, breaks that pattern. On January 9th, they were ranking #8 organically and #17 in paid, showing that they have taken the lead and made an effort towards a well-balanced visibility. In my opinion,’s HooshRank position of #14 will show to be steadier than those driven by paid visibility.

It will be interesting to follow these car brands and see if they build a stronger and better content strategy. Sun Tzu also said, “Opportunities multiply as they are seized.” For the sake of this article, I will interpret this as a message to the car brands: there is nothing wrong with gaining visibility through AdWords, but there is an opening in the market to seize organic visibility and establish an even stronger position. Take it!

Dorothy Wheeler

Dorothy Wheeler

Marketing Assistant at Hoosh Technology
Dorothy Wheeler is a citizen of the world, having grown up in Africa, Asia, North America and Europe. Born of an Iranian mother and American father, she learned the art of communication and translation at an early age. She speaks English, Farsi, Italian and a little French. With a background in Finance, she achieved a master’s degree in Financial Communications and is currently completing another master’s degree in Management and Informatics.Dorothy divides her time at Hoosh Technology SA developing social media strategies and putting them in motion, copywriting, sales, blogging, and video development.
Dorothy Wheeler
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  • John M. Ramsay

    It is all about content now, how can Content Strategy NOT be the major focus after Hummingbird?

    Strategically we need to focus on many content strategy factors. Social Content, Web Content, Print Content, etc.

    Great article, Dorothy. Thank you for sharing. If you decide to do a Where are they now on these car giants, please share!

  • Preeti Kaur

    Content marketing is getting hotter day by day. Thanks for sharing your research Dorothy 🙂

  • David Black

    I’m afraid its true – Google is getting closer to the truth with every new algorithm update.
    All people searching for really want is answers to their questions and good content – they don’t care how many links a hardworking SEO minion has managed to generate back to their site – they don’t want to click through the top 5 answers and read spun articles full of back to front sentences crammed full of long tail keywords…
    They want what they we’re looking for, good content in their area of interest.
    Just like shops, you’ve always got to offer a better deal than your competitors and keep your stock up to date – online that means offer fresh content and make your site a better place to go than your rivals.

  • Dorothy Wheeler

    I completely agree with you. Thanks for the comment. I will definitely think of some follow ups for the future!

    • Dorothy Wheeler

      Really appreciate the great comments! I will definitely come back with an article to show the progress of these top sites, but also to show how the Hummingbird is taking effect. It will be very interesting to see who moves up and who gets punished because of their content strategy or lack there of. In the mean time, you can always check their progress on the HooshBattle ( I like to use it for initial research on my blog topics and sometimes just to have some fun with Search Intelligence.

  • Daniel

    I always keep it simple and always has been, really high quality content is probably the reason why I haven’t been hit as hard as many others by the Google updates. Google is getting really good at what they are doing and gaming the algorithm is min my opinion at best short term thinking.

    • Dorothy Wheeler

      It sounds like you are doing great! Another good example of what happens with good SEO practices.

  • Spook SEO

    SEO is becoming everyone’s greatest nightmare these days. While people are trying to keep up with the new strategies of SEO, Google is busy improvising its tactics. But still, content is the king, and Social Media is its queen.

    • Dorothy Wheeler

      I like that. “Social Media is its queen”. Nice one! I would say that the basic SEO practices shouldn’t change, Google is only improving their algorithms to fight spam. Obviously the size of a web site is a factor in your SEO strategy. I have an article coming up about two very large European websites that have managed to conquer the search market with simplicity and a bit of creativity.