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Search Engine Strategies – Earning From Search & Contextual Ads

Search Engine Strategies – Earning From Search & Contextual Ads

Search Engine Strategies – Earning From Search & Contextual Ads

This session may be one of the most popular during the SES show since it is being put together on the heels of the launching of the Yahoo Publishers contextual advertising network which is competing directly with Google AdSense. Jennifer Slegg of JenSense.comstarted the seesion. Her main focus was Yahoo Publisher Netowrk versus Google AdSense.

From Search Engine Roundtable’s coverage : “Both are very similar in terms of real time stats, similar ad formats, similar tos, and so on. She showed Yahoo Publishers Network versus Google side by side. Google AdSense international publishers can apply, Yahoo Publishers Network you currently can not. Google offers additional tools and services, Yahoo Publishers Network only offers traditional ad units. Google AdSense more competition for highest paying ads, Yahoo Publishers Network has fewer publishers right now. Google allows Multiple ad units per page, Yahoo Publishers Network you can do it but you might not see different ad units. Google has smart pricing, Yahoo Publishers Network does not at the moment.”

Jen also gave the audience some tips on optimizing income from contextual advertising “Optimizing contextual Ads; poor placement is when you put the ads outside of the context (all the way to the right or bottom). Good placement is when you remove the border and place it within the context. If you place the ads on your left nav, people might click more. Proximity; content surrounding your ad unit can influence your ads. Ad Unit Selection; dont use what is rumored to be the best ad unit because not all ad units work for all sites, try a variety of sizes to determine what size gives you the highest CTR rate. Ad Units colors and borders; experiment with colors, most sites find hidden borders, never use default ad colors. Quality Content. URL filters; this is not a strategy to force higher paying ads to appear. Testing Contextual Ads; use your AdSenses or Yahoo Publishers Network channels, always test on non holiday weekends, try switching ad placement, keep track of what works and what does not, never assume that what works on one site will work on an other.”

Barry Schwartz’s entire coverage of the session isavailable on Search Engine Roundtable.

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