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Search Engine Strategies Conference- Round Up and Guide

Last week the great minds of the search engine marketing and optimization world all got together for an in depth conference on search engines at New York´s Search Engine Strategies.

Jupiter Media’s 2004 Search Engine Strategies Conference held March 1 – 4, 2004 in New York City was chockfull of information, some quite technical and detailed, while others were more thought provoking or prickly. Quick Assessment: The conference was well organized, full of useful information, and well worth the dinero if you’re serious about search engine marketing – a big thumbs up.

If you missed the conference, a quick and easy Search Engine Strategies Insiders Guide has recently been published which retraces the presentations, question and answer sessions, and yes- all of the new Search Engine news that has been shaking the industry;

* The Future of Search
* How the New Yahoo Search Engine Looks at Organic Search
* Advantages & Disadvantages of Organic vs. Paid Search
* Typical Problems Affecting Organic Rankings
* Improving Rankings Through Linking
* Conversion Techniques
* Creating Compelling Ads & Landing Pages
* Getting Sales Through Shopping Search Engines

If you missed out on the Search Engine Strategies conference, please post any pending questions on it here on the Search Engine Journal- I´m sure a great deal of our readers were actively attending or consult the Secrets of Search Engine Strategies Insider´s Guide.

For those of you looking for good search engine talk, great food, and would like to brush up on your Nihongo, the next Search Engine Strategies Conference will be held April 20-21st in Tokyo, Japan – Shinjuku District.

If you can´t make the 13 hour flight, find a SES Conference near you;
• May 11 – 12, 2004 Toronto, Canada
• June 2 – 3, 2004 London, England
• August 2 – 5, 2004 San Jose, CA
• October 27 – 28, 2004 Stockholm, Sweden
• December 13 – 16, 2004 Chicago, IL

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Search Engine Strategies Conference- Round Up and Guide

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