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Search Engine Optimization for Blog and RSS Feeds

Search Engine Optimization for Blog and RSS Feeds

Stephan Spencer has made available (it’s a .ppt file) his excellent Search Engine Strategies presentation, Blog and RSS Feed Search SEO. The session was also blogged live over at Search Engine Roundtable; here’s one of my favorite snippets:

“Use keyword ins the feed title, less than 100 characters. Write your description as if for a directory, less than 500 characters. Use full paths on links and unique urls for each item. Each feed should have a keyword theme. Include images for branding. What are some ways that your can get your RSS beyond the blog. Well, you can use it for affiliate commissions, syndicating your content on other sites. New product announcements, security alerts, product uses tops, and so on. Amanda next goes into a lot of questions to ask about feed implementation. Measuring the results of your feeds is also a good idea. Stats can come from many sources and it’s going to get easier over time to do a lot of this.”

Really, there’s just a lot of very practical stuff in both the live blog report and the .ppt file; I highly recommend taking at least a few minutes to read them both if you have a blog that you’d like to promote.

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Search Engine Optimization for Blog and RSS Feeds

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