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Search Engine News Review – Wed Jun 20, 2007

Opera Board Machinations

Opera, who just released their Opera Mini Beta 4, had a bit of a shakeup. The founder, Jon S von Tetzchner, fired the board of directors before they could fire him. While the stock’s share price rose last week, it’s dropped over 60 percent since its high in Mar 2006.

In reference to this scandal, Fake Steve Jobs offers the suggestion that rival browsers are killing themselves.

Regardlesss, check out the Opera Mini vs iPhone video poking fun at the cost of the latter. Though of course it’s a comparison between a browser and a phone.

Google Car? Google Mac?

Of all the technologies Google could put their investment funds into, they’ve teamed up with Pacific Gas & Electric to test hybrid cars (NY Times; reg) running partly on electric grids, and that possibly sell back power. This project is actually being undertaken by the company’s philanthropic foundation,, who are putting in US$10M. (Note: there’s no truth to the rumor that these hybrids can only be driven on roads displaying only Google billboards.)

In unrelated news, New York Mag suggests that Google could buy Apple [via MacNN]. Note that Google CEO Eric Schmidt is on the Apple Board, and the companies are collaborating on applications for the iPhone.

New Digg Features

The popular social media site Digg will be get a number of new features. In addition to a full Disaster Recovery site, Digg will have fully multi-threaded comments. This simple means there’ll be more than one level of nesting in the comments, as this Digg page demonstrates.

Analyzing Google Press Releases

Google Blogoscoped offers a bar chart analysis of Google press releases running from 1999 to 2007. Most evident is the increasing emphasis on “revenue” and the decrease of “search”, compared to other terms. However, given the tiny keyword occurrence frequencies, this analysis is probably more for entertainment value than solid proof of any Google agenda.

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Search Engine News Review – Wed Jun 20, 2007

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