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Search Engine News Review – Mon Jun 18, 2007

Webware 100 Web 2.0 Products

Rafe Needleman announced the Webware 100 winners, several of which are Google, Yahoo, and Ask offerings. The list was compiled on votes cast by nearly 500,000 users. I’m not sure that all of them classify as Web 2.0, based on Tim O’Reilly‘s original definition. But there are a lot of great apps on the list, and who the heck cares about definitions.

Jerry Yang Becomes Yahoo! CEO

Jerry Yang, one of Yahoo!’s founders was named to the CEO position. Terry Semel becomes Non-Executive Chairman, and Sue Decker becomes President.

Valleywag commented that Yang is no Steve Jobs and that the press release “is one of the most nauseating examples of corporate doublespeak I’ve read in a long while.” Jerry Yang, of course, commented that Yahoo! has an incredibly bright future and that he’s honored to be stepping into the role. Terry Semel apparently quit.

Vivisimo’s Clusty Mobile Search

Vivisimo announced today a mobile version of their Clusty search application. Clusty presents results by grouping them in topic folders.

Clust Mobile optimizes all Websites clicked on for mobile viewing, automatically turning cumbersome Web pages into streamlined text versions that are easy to read on the small screen.

Improved Google Search

Matt Cutts reports improved results when searching for fresh documents. Specify the maximum age of the documents, and you’ll actually get newer URLs in the results.

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Search Engine News Review – Mon Jun 18, 2007

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