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Link Baits, .Edu Links and Online Marketing MBA Degrees

Link Baits, .Edu Links and Online Marketing MBA Degrees

Utilizing Keyword Domains for Corporate Sites
Mark Fulton at DotSauce points to a list of 190 keyword domains, compiled by SearchDomainsForSale, used by various corporate entities to promote various aspects of their business. Some of these domains house minisites that come across as PSAs (Public Service Announcements) – which if sincere is a great marketing tool.

.Edu and .Org Links the Easy Way
Cristian Mezei writes about Addison University’s offer of a WordPress MU blog for a $25 monthly donation. But in the comments, minstrel poo poos the idea that .edu and .org links are treated any differently than any other high quality link.

Link Baits vs Reciprocal Links?
Stoney deGeyter of ISEdb wrote last week that Link bait is the new reciprocal link. Actually, he clarifies and says that many forms (not all) of linkbaiting are like reciprocal links without the reciprocation. That makes sense, I guess, if you’re talking about posts written for the explicit purpose of baiting a particular purpose. Though I don’t quite see how SE algorithms can be written to distinguish. The only way I see is brute force: discount all articles with more than X outbound links. What do you think?

Marc Andreesen Blogs
Marc Andreesen of Netscape and Ning fame has a blog. [via John Batelle’s Searchblog]

Online Marketing MBA
Benedictine University offers an MBA degree in online marketing :

Benedictine’s Online Marketing MBA program is designed for students interested in a broad range of skills in marketing. Seasoned faculty with a wealth of experience in marketing will offer you insight only real life experience can offer. Marketing topics covered in the Online Marketing MBA program include internet marketing, international marketing and consumer behavior.

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Link Baits, .Edu Links and Online Marketing MBA Degrees

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