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Search Engine News Review – Fri May 11, 2007

Search Engine News Review – Fri May 11, 2007

Google’s Chaos and Order
According to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Google’s new focus [NY Times; subscription req’d] is search, ads and apps but that their “underlying mission has not changed.” Interesting. One might think otherwise. They’ve moved from just search to adding ads to buying up a whole slew of web applications – albeit good ones, many of which I use daily. But it’s starting to feel like the 1980s and 1990s again, when IBM and Microsoft, respectively, were into “everything”, acquiring businesses left and right. However, Schmidt says the recent big acquisitions are for building out their portfolio, not for competitive reasons. As such, they’re remaining open to buying more large businesses.

GMail Traffic Up
Google GMail has been openly available for a few months now., and since that time it’s US traffic has increased about 17%. And supposedly nearly 20% of overall GMail visits are from young, well-to-do people. Compare that to Yahoo Mail, who apparently have the lead for the under $30,000 group.

Now while I’ve integrated my Yahoo Mail account into my Google Mail account (because I can’t stand the new beta interface), I find myself going through spam more often these days. Even my Google address receives far more spam than prior to GMail leaving beta. Before then, I was inclined to say GMail’s filters were better than Yahoo’s. But now I’m not so sure. If I get this much spam now, what’ll happen when Google has as many users as Yahoo or Hotmail?

Technorati Receives a Million in Funding
Technorati, the blog search engine cum directory, just received an additional million in venture capital, this time from a Japanese firm, DG Incubation, who run Technorati Japan. Technorati is still looking for a new CEO.

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Search Engine News Review – Fri May 11, 2007

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