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Search Engine Blog’s Peter Da Vanzo Blogging at V7N

Search Engine Blog’s Peter Da Vanzo Blogging at V7N

Peter Da Vanzo, who pretty much initiated the search engine blogging phenomena with, is now blogging with John Scott at the V7N Search Marketing News Blog.

When I first began getting into the world of blogs about 3 years ago, Peter’s Search Engine Blog was one of the initial blogs I began reading and Peter also gave me the inspiration of building (yeah, I know it needs a makeover) when he made a post stating that “with all the referrals I receive for the term ‘blog search engine’, someone should build a Blog Search Engine”.

After reading I went right to my domain registrar of choice and typed in and surprisingly enough the domain was available. Thanks Peter!

Back to V7N, I interviewed John a while back and he’s working quite hard at building his existing network into a total web and search engine marketing hub with new forums, the v7ndotcom elursrebmem contest, and new internal classifieds and service directories.

The V7N Search Marketing News Blog is a sweet addition and with Peter taking the blogging healm (John has his own separate blog), I’m expecting top notch insight and opinion, not just the same old regurgitated search engine news.

Peter’s most recent post, SEO Doesn’t Work, does just that with Peter’s views on how PPC is just as important to building an SEO campaign as linking and content:

There’s been a lot of speculation about what is required now. It’s fair to say that a number of leading commentators have settled on two factors as being key: inbound links, and actual visitor behaviour.

I’d add one more tip: PPC will directly affect your SEO….

…Actually, let me re-phrase that: what is one quick and easy way to aquire a visitor behaviour score?


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Search Engine Blog’s Peter Da Vanzo Blogging at V7N

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