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Search Conferences 101: 33 Reasons Why You Should Go to the IM Charity Party at SES San Jose

Search Conferences 101: 33 Reasons Why You Should Go to the IM Charity Party at SES San Jose

33 reasons why you should stay up late and go to the IM Charity Party at SES San Jose:

    1. Networking happens AFTER the sessions are over. The best place to meet your future client/SEO/agency is at the hotel bar or at one of the conference parties
    2. You might meet fookin’ dave naylor and buy him a beer
    3. You may be able to witness Greg and Barbara Boser in the midst of a twitter hoax
    4. You may find out Jennifer Slegg’s favorite Disney characters.
    5. You can wind up Michael Gray like a jack in the box by telling him that Google does no evil, then make peace by discussing how hot the women of Battlestar Gallactica are
    6. You could attempt to beat Frank the Tank to paying for the dinner check
    7. Drinking for charity is a tax write-off
    8. You may witness Stuntdubl spin 90s hip hop
    9. You can win some awesome prizes, like a LIFETIME subscription to Shoemoney tools
    10. Your boss thinks you are a good person for donating your dinner stipend to charity while off at a conference. How very responsible of you
    11. You can smash Neil Patels beer before he has the chance to do it to yours
    12. It’s always fun to meet new people over breakfast
    13. The internet marketing ninjas will be lurking around and rumor is if you catch one, they have to divulge their secrets or swallow a shot of tequila
    14. Avinash will tell you the latest analytics secrets while posing for pictures with a life size Danny Sullivan cut out
    15. You can say you were there when Dax breaks into the next piece of musical equipment or gets kicked out of a hotel
    16. BOTW always throws a great party
    17. Find out what Lawrence Coburn’s favorite widget is
    18. 4 hours of open bar for $40 is a lot less money than most of you would have spent at the hotel bar
    19. Chris Winfield may drop life changing secrets about either SEO, social media, or how he has such great hair
    20. Ask Andy Beal how you can become radically transparent
    21. Debate the ethics of white hat SEO in honor of Jill Whalen
    22. Ask Jim Boykin what his favorite national park is
    23. Have Lee Odden tell you about some of the thousands of lakes in Minnesota
    24. You can get tips from Jon Kelly and Lauren Vaccarello about planning a party
    25. Ask Laura Lippay how the food at Yahoo compares to Google
    26. Try to get quoted in Jessica Bowman’s new book
    27. Have Brent Csutoras him tell you the finer points of Reddit while he’s digging on his iphone
    28. Have Shoemoney perform a rear naked choke or at the very least kick your butt in thumb wrestling
    29. Ask Oilman his favorite uses for duct tape
    30. Find out why Captain Kirk is a master of web analytics from Matt Bailey
    31. Get the scoop on Search Engine Journal’s Journal from Loren Baker
    32. Being at the same party as your SEO idol is a great ice breaker, so start talking
    33. Don’t be a douchebag. Why do you hate childen? Come to the party

IM Charity Party Event Details:
$40 donation will get you 4 hours of open bar with some of your favorite SES attendees
When: Monday August 18, 2008 8pm-12am
Where: Agenda Lounge – 399 S 1st street, San Jose ( 1 block from the conference)

Register early at by donating at least $40. Make sure to leave your name so we can put you on the list the night of the event or you can pay at the door, but keep in mind that space is limited.

For more details, go to

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Search Conferences 101: 33 Reasons Why You Should Go to the IM Charity Party at SES San Jose

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