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  3. SEO Gets a Facelift, Adds New Features for Professionals, the social media platform for topic-centric content curation, has launched an all-new version of its platform with several key new features.

The new screenshot, the social media platform for topic-centric content curation, has launched an all-new version of its platform with a key new feature that highlights user’s insight. The new aims to offer more visibility for professionals, businesses and the community.

The new screenshotThe new is geared towards the professional or business who are looking for more visibility on the Web.

Not long ago, announced integration with powerful web services like SlideShare, Hootsuite and Buffer, to give their users enhanced capabilities to optimize their social media publishing as part of a content marketing strategy. Now takes this initiative a step further, with new key features, redesigned content suggestions and bookmarklet, and much more.

With extensive revamping of its UI, the new promises enhanced user experience, and is now more geared towards the professionals or businesses who are looking for more visibility on the Web.

Key Features in the New

  • The most significant update is called “Insight” and is focused on content personalization. Users can now enrich and personalize any article, video or image they post to their networks with personal commentary and unique perspective. A new Wysiwyg-style editor allows users to add and edit images, edit the post’s layout and give meaningful context to the content they curate.
  • There is also a new notifications feature, that encourages content discovery through the social graph and provides updates on the user’s community. Notifications are also more accessible by being hosted permanently on the user’s homepage.
  • Previously featuring only Facebook and Twitter functionality, the redesigned social sign in now also lets users with LinkedIn accounts to leverage their existing presence on the LinkedIn by signing into with their LinkedIn credentials.
  • Another key feature is the redesigned content suggestions function, which is based on’s content recommendation algorithm.

All these features were added to make more relevant for all its users, but mainly for business use:

“There are 6 million small or mid-sized businesses in the US only. We want to give them and professionals a voice to share important ideas with the right audience because that’s the meaningful and impacting way to increase their visibility online,” explained Guillaume Decugis, co-founder and CEO of in an official press announcement.

Another idea is to empower the community to foster relationships without the noise found on social networks.’s community feature shows the user’s social connections from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and if those connections are on, which topics they are curating.

If you are already using, what do you think about its new design and added features? If you don’t use it, which other platforms do you currently employ for content curation?

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Mihaela Lica Butler CEO at Pamil Visions PR

Mihaela Lica Butler is senior partner at Pamil Visions PR and editor at Everything PR. She is a widely cited ... Gets a Facelift, Adds New Features for Professionals

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