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Russian Company Plans to Sue Google for Patented Contextual Ads Technology

A Russian Company is suing Google for copyright imfringement of the company’s alleged contextual advertising technology. The said technology was said to be patented by the Russian company – “Era Vodoleya” one year before Google started using it. The company’s CEO said that contextual advertising was invented by them sometime in 1988.

Era Vodoleya (which translates to Age of Aquarius) is also claiming that they have announced their patented technology in 1989. One year after Google started implementing the said technology – and eventually earned tons of advertising revenue since then. And this prompted the Russian company to file a lawsuit now. To get back those earnings which should have been theirs.

Why only now? And why Google alone? Other Russian companies are said to be using contextual advertising as well? According to the Russian company, they have been carefully investigating  the matter and it took them 5 years to finally say that Google has copied their technology. As for the other companies who are using the same technology, Ero Vadeleya said that those companies developed their own technologies based on Google’s idea.

Interestingly, the Russian company is planning to claim around $3 billion in damages. But they are reported also to be open for negotiation with Google and may not push through with the lawsuit should they reached an amicable settlement with Google. Unfortunately for the company, Google seemed to be ignoring them.

And who would not ignore these kinds of threats? If you are Google, the biggest internet player, these kinds of lawsuits are just few of the thousands of issues that you should be prepared to face.

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Russian Company Plans to Sue Google for Patented Contextual Ads Technology

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