Rule The Local Results: An #Infographic

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Rule The Local Results: An #Infographic

With mobile search continuing to grow, business owners are finding it more important than ever to have a strong local search presence. Because more and more users’ results are powered by their GPS location due to mobile use, prominence in the local results can make or break a business, especially if the information listed is incorrect, like hours, menu, or their prices and website.

The infographic below lists some ways to improve local SEO.

What other strategies would you add to this infographic? Let us know in the comments!

Rule The Local SEO Results infographic



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Kelsey Jones
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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones
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  • Makro

    i think to improve local SEO, we can share our site’s links to the local facebook pages ? will it give a little seo booost ? what u do think ?…….

  • Norton Loomer

    Curious about this Don’t:

    “Don’t create an onsite page that redirects your customers to your listing when requesting them to leave a review.”

    Having such a page makes it very easy for a customer to leave a review in the right place. As long as the page is no-indexed and not linked anywhere on the site, I see no problem with this practice. It’s basically just an online version of the handout you suggested.

    Why do you think this is a bad idea?

  • Soumya

    Kelsey, awesome info-graphic and all very important tips you shared with us. First of all thanks for that.
    Kelsey, I have one question. If a business serves his services in a particular location (selected “I deliver goods and services..” option in GMB) and not from a physical address but still they have mentioned a proper physical location (hidden) in GMB page, now which address they should maintain when building citations? The actual physical address one or the “I deliver goods and services..” one?

    Soumya Roy

    • Kelsey Jones

      If you don’t want your address shown, I’d recommend the delivery option.

  • Eric

    Great post ! I am looking forward especially to account insights .