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Revamped Google-Linux gOS 2.0 Launching Soon

Just about two months ago, a start-up Linux distributor by the name of Good OS jumped onto the scene with gOS 1.0, an Ubuntu based desktop Linux featuring dedicated links to Google applications. Already, the second generation version of the OS is ready. Good OS has announced that they will release the next version, gOS 2.0 Rocket, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV on January 7.

gOS 1.0 quickly became a popular Linux distribution, and was introduced commercially with Wal-Mart’s $199 PC (the Everex Green gPC TC2502). gOS 2.0 is built on top of Ubuntu Linux 7.10, like gOS 1.0, and uses the lightweight Enlightenment E17 interface.

There aren’t many big changes with gOS 2.0, and most of the improvements are minor additions. gOS 2.0 comes loaded with Google Gears, Google’s beta online/offline synchronization technology that allows users to use JavaScript APIs to create their own online applications that will maintain some functionality even when you’re not connected to the internet.

Other Google-related updates to Rocket include dedicated shortcuts to Google Reader, Google Talk, Google Finance, and Google search integration into the desktop itself. gOS 2.0 also provides access to online storage through, and if Google ever does release their much rumored online storage service, well we can bet that future versions of gOS will likely included that instead of’s service.

Non-Google related updates to gOS 2.0 include a new browser-based web-cam application called gBooth, which is designed to work with Facebook. To avoid any possible hardware compatibility issues, Good OS worked with Ezoncs to create the gCam, a Linux and gBooth compatible web-cam which will also be available beginning January 7.

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Revamped Google-Linux gOS 2.0 Launching Soon

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