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Report: Google Surges on in Q4 2007 Search Performance But ROI Didn’t Quite Improved

We have seen various search engine performance statistics of the three major search engines for the last quarter of 2007 and Google topped these reports statistically. So, it would hurt a bit to add another report which again shows that Google’s top rivals, Live Search and Yahoo Search are lagging way behind Google in terms of search performance.

The report was a result of a research conducted by Efficient Frontier, a search-marketing tech provider, which analyzed data across a fixed set of Efficient Frontier clients from Q4 2006 to Q4 2007 to find trends in search engine performance for spend levels, CTR, CPC, and ROI.Based on the report, Google got 77% of the search  spend for the last quarter of 2007. This represents a 97% increase from Q4 of 2006. Microsoft’s share of search spending for Q4 2007 on the other hand improved by 6% while Yahoo’s share decreased by 3%, as compared to data of Q4 2006.

The scenario changes though when it comes to overall ROI for the three search engines. Yahoo’s ROI for  Q4 2007 increased by 39% and MSN’s ROI increased by 27%. Google on the other hand did not pose any significant increase or decrease on its ROI.

In simple terms, the report clearly shows that although Google may not be getting the largest ROI, still it is the top choice search engine for advertisers for the simple reason that Google can drive volume and consistent performance on advertisers’ campaigns.

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Report: Google Surges on in Q4 2007 Search Performance But ROI Didn’t Quite Improved

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