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Rediscovering and Showing Off Your Stumble Favorites

StumbleUpon FavoritesSource: StumbleUpon Favorites | Official Blog

If you’ve been using StumbleUpon for a while, you might feel the need to revisit all the websites and content that you up-voted. Good thing, you can now walk down memory lane with the “Stumble Your Favorites” feature.

Stumbling Your Favorites

To Stumble the sites that you up-voted in the past, just head on to the Favorites section on your profile. From there, click the “Stumble!” button on the content that previously captured your attention.

Aside from just recollecting all the websites and content that you’ve up-voted, there are various ways on how you can use the Stumble Favorites feature.

Revisiting the Old Times

As mentioned earlier, the Stumble Favorites feature is ideal for revisiting the websites and content that previously captured your attention. You may don’t look at it everyday, but it helps you rediscover the content that you used to up-vote.

Aside from enabling you to flip through every websites that you thumbed up in the past, this is also ideal for checking out the previous online sources that you saved on StumbleUpon. You want to revisit the website that you used as a reference on your previous research? You can check out your Stumble Favorites.

Showcasing Your Taste and Style

Although StumbleUpon recommends to you the best on the Web, you still have the final say in what you like or don’t. In fact, this is one capability that makes the social media website stand out from other social networks.

Whatever content you listed on your Favorites will reflect your taste and style. Consider the Stumble Favorites feature as a photo album where you collect all of your favorite websites and content. So aside from curating the content that you like, you can also use this feature to show off your taste and style to your friends and followers.

Research and Presentations

StumbleUpon is not just a social networking website, but it can also be used for research and presentations. You can Stumble! and add a website to your Favorites that gives you an idea for a team project. If you’re a blogger, teacher, or lecturer, this feature also works when you want to show off all websites and content that are relevant to the subject that you discuss.

Because of the Stumble Favorites, StumbleUpon was able to prove that it is more than a social networking site. It provides features that can be helpful for business, thought leaders, and other professionals.

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Rediscovering and Showing Off Your Stumble Favorites

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