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Redesigned AdWords Roll Our Worldwide

A “simpler and more beautiful” AdWords, which was previewed a couple of weeks ago,  will roll out to all accounts worldwide in the next few days. Earlier this month, Google announced that a new AdWords is coming. In relation to this, the search engine giant gave the new look a preview, and asked users for feedback before implementing it.

As Greg Roseberg of the AdWords Experiece Team puts it:

“Over the years, we’ve listened to your feedback and added lots of innovations across search, display, mobile, video, social, local and measurement to help you get great results with AdWords. We also want your experience setting up and managing campaigns to be easier and more enjoyable.”

Addition of “Campaign Types” Functionality

Among the changes implemented on the redesigned interface, “campaign types” is considered as the most significant overhaul of them all. Depending on the type of a user’s campaign, he or she will different options. If a user creates a search campaign, for example, he or she wouldn’t need to clutter the screen with other display options.

When creating a network campaign, a user can select Standard, All Features or Product Listing Ads. The Standard option is for the text ads that appear on search results, All Features includes all components and options within the search network, and Product Listing Ads can be customized using AdWords extension.

As Google’s Director of Product Management for AdWords Paul Feng shared with Search Engine Land’s PamelaParker, the Google AdWords has become overwhelming as it developed through the years. Thus, they created the Campaign Type functionality.

It is meant to make the interface’s component appropriate for each user, instead of just “simplifying” it. Each user has their own sophistication, depending on the type of task that they’re doing. The Campaign Type is created so that the AdWords interface will be suited on their needs.


The aim of redesigning the AdWords is to get interface out of the way, so that important data will stand out. Other than the addition of Campaign Type, AdWords also got a modern and refreshing look. The interface now looks lighter: Lighter greens with white or lighter gray background. The latest client-side technologies were also integrated to make the interface more visually appealing and scalable.

For all the users who want to take a look at what the redesigned AdWords will look like, expect the new interface in the coming days as Google rolls it out to all global accounts.

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Redesigned AdWords Roll Our Worldwide

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