Reasons Why Accepting Guest Posts Could Be A Threat

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Reasons Why Accepting Guest Posts Could Be A Threat

Guest Posting is no longer a mysterious word. If you are in the field of blogging, then you must be familiar with it. Guest posting is one of the proven methods to improve Search Engine Optimization performance by improving the Page Rank. We all know that incoming back links are really helpful in increasing the Page rank, while there are lot of other factors also that build the Page Rank.

Page Rank is actually named after the founder of Google, Larry Page. It’s basically an algorithm that ranks the page out of 10. The concept of Page Rank was introduced in 1996 in the Stanford University by Page and Sergey Bin. The concept of guest posting didn’t exist at that time because blogging was not popular and the internet was not available to everyone. This meant that big firms didn’t use the internet to grow their businesses.

Nowadays, the trend is totally different. Almost all the big firms are online. Blogging has grown very much. You can well imagine that 99% of internet is built on blogs. Blogging was introduced around 12-13 years ago and nowadays, it’s a billion dollar business. As the competition among the bloggers and e-commerce firms increased, Google introduced Page Rank for the purpose of ranking a page. Guest blogging gained much popularity and became the proven method to build the page rank. It has also shown its importance in building relationships between bloggers.

A few months ago, Matt Cutts, Head of Search Quality Team at Google,  released a statement that hosting guest posts can be harmful for your blog. Even I think that hosting too many guest posts can be harmful and can threaten your blog.

After the introduction of Panda and Penguin Update, guest blogging started being considered as the best way to build back links to improve the Page rank. Over the past few months, I have seen many bloggers who stopped accepting guest posts on their blogs. There should be some reasons for this cause. I did a little research on my blogs (Tekdig and Techtial) and got some points. Let’s first take a look at how Google views guest posting:

Reasons why accepting too many guest posts could be a threat 

Guest Posting may degrade your page rank 

Yeah, hosting guest posts may degrade your Page Rank. How? Take a look. Suppose you did lots of link building. We know that all that Google data (Back links, Site Links, Page Rank etc.) constitute, what is known, as Google Juice. Let’s use an example to illustrate how this works. You have a glass full of that juice and you decide to share it with others. What happens here? By giving it away, your losing juice.

May lead to lot of broken links 

If you are hosting guest posts, then you are going to have some outbound links in your blog. What is the guarantee that all those links are going to direct to a proper domain? Suppose you host 500 guest posts on your blog and 100 of those guest posters delete the link from the internet. You just got 100 broken links on your blog that may lead to degradation in your SEO performance. Google hates it if you have a lot of broken links.

Guest posting can affect your blogging relations 

Here comes the major problem. Although guest posting is one of the tools used to build relations with other bloggers, it is also one of the major issues that affect the relations bloggers have. It’s pretty common that everyone wants to contribute a guest post to the popular blogs, but it’s not possible to host every post. That’s because not every blogger produces high quality content. Getting a guest post rejected creates a sentiment towards that site. If you lose a writer, then you most likely lose their readership as well.

Guest Posting may lead to lose your blogging identity 

It’s true that hosting too many guest posts may cause you to lose your identity in your community and your blog’s voice. Almost all bloggers have their own format when they publish their posts. If you are publishing only the guest posts, then when you are going to publish your own creations. Don’t you think it’s going to decay your blogging identity?

Guest posting may lead to spamming 

The most hated thing in the virtual world is spamming. Many guest posters are spamming by using links that are irrelevant to the site. By doing this, you may lose important readers.

What you can do 

  • Allow a limited amount of guest posts.
  • Publish only high quality content.
  • Write very strict guidelines for the guest bloggers to follow.

That’s what I think about hosting guest posts on your blog. I would like to hear from you. Please share your valuable feedback in the comment section below. Keep Blogging!

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  • raman bathina

    Hey rudraksh very nice points you mention and the 3 suggestions what you mention in the ending of the post are very good.I also write some guest posts in the past for some popular blogs like but now i’m not writing any guest posts.

    • Sahil

      Guest posts by some non influential and non authoritative bloggers would lead to low quality articles which will be of no use to the users. Because most of them do it just for the sake of getting links and not with the intention of providing a different dimension of content to the visitors of that site.

  • James Brockbank

    Rudraksh, firstly, fantastic post! Whilst I do agree with the first part of your post to a certain extent, I would say that is only when taking guest posting to an extreme. As you say in your three tips, guest blogging has to be high quality. Whilst you say host blogs should have very strict guidelines (which I do agree with), as far as I’m concerned, those writing the guest posts should automatically ensure they product and submit high quality content. The term ‘epic content’ is being used a lot at the moment and the focus on guest blogging should ALWAYS be to add value to the host blog and build your online brand as opposed to the focus being solely to obtain a link…that’s when problems start to occur!

  • Tim Bonner

    Hi Rudraksh

    I can see why guest posting can be an issue and I agree with your points.

    I also agree with James’ comment above though. You need to be really careful about who you have as a guest blogger.

    I wouldn’t allow just anyone to do a guest post on my blog. They’d need to have had some engagement with me beforehand and if it wasn’t up to scratch then it wouldn’t get published!

    I also wouldn’t allow links in the post necessarily, just one to their blog and to social networks in the bio.

  • Matthew


    If we break ethics, we break everything. So before posting the article, we should prepare the list of trusted bloggers and publish the article on their blogs will help us to get permanent links.

    Instead of blindly accepting guest posts, we should take extra care about the links on the article that where it is going and the quality of the outbound links.

  • Ashley Bryan

    Excellent article thank you. I agree with everything said above. I have the additional concern that guest post pages have the potential to be link-spammed as careless/unscrupulous link builders try to increase the value of that new page . They might use low quality link building to that page which may damage the authority of the host website. I think anyone who allows guest posting to their blogs needs to be aware of this and keep an eye on the link profile for each guest blog page via Ahrefs or similar (as much as possible anyway), particularly if they do not know the blogger.

  • Mayank

    Whatever I have read about improving SEO has always led me to having guest posts. Everybody seems to be in huge favour of guest posts but you have raised some very good points which others seem to miss. Having poor outbound links from your blog is similar to accepting bad people as your friends..
    Thank you very much for the post.

  • Tom Jamieson

    I think your overall point is well taken, but I also think that as long as you are careful about selecting the authors and posts you allow on your site, you should be fine.

  • Bogdan

    What about infographic guest post where everything would be a graphic full of information and links I believe would be included in the graphic ? Or maybe I’m wrong …