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RealPages Yellow Pages Gets 20 Million Searches in July

RealPages Yellow Pages Gets 20 Million Searches in July

Want proof local search is growing beyond Yahoo Local and Google Local, look at the Internet Yellow Page sites for an example. In a hey look at us” type announcement, BellSouth has alerted the media that their Yellow Pages site experienced over 20 million searches last month. Additionally, from 2004 to 2005, the network has seen an 18 percent growth in searches for local advertisers.

“We have seen a consistent rise in the number of searches to over the past year. We have worked hard to create an Internet Yellow Pages network that is a tremendous resource for consumers, and an effective location for our advertisers and business customers to reach buyers,” said Ike Harris, President of BellSouth Advertising & Publishing.

The network of partners provides searches to businesses advertising online. Yahoo!, Switchboard and are just a sample of BellSouth’s Internet Yellow Pages partners.

“ is bringing a record number of searches to our online advertisers because of our network of partners. To bring value to our advertisers, we must provide the traffic, and we have done this by forging partnerships we are confident will continue to drive record monthly searches,” Harris said.

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RealPages Yellow Pages Gets 20 Million Searches in July

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