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Rank Better on Yahoo with Dynamic URL Rewriting

Big news from the Yahoo Site Explorer team as they have announced a new dynamic URL rewriting service for sites which use multiple variables in their URL strings which may damage their ranking potential within Yahoo Search, even if the site is full of good relevant content and has lots of natural incoming links.

Site owners can now alert Yahoo about the dynamic parameters used within their URL strings. Yahoo Search can then ignore the variables and automatically rewrite the URL to make it more search friendly.

How does this help site owners? Yahoo says the rewriting of dynamic URLs effects everything from the crawling of a site to the distribution of link juice:

  • A more efficient crawl of your site, with fewer duplicate URLs being crawled.
  • Better and deeper site coverage, as we’ll be able to use our crawler capacity to find and index more new content on your site.
  • More unique content discovered, as we’ll handle more dynamic parameters in your URLs (if you remove the content-neutral dynamic parameters).
  • Fewer chances of crawler traps.
  • Cleaner and easier-to-read URLs displayed in the search results.
  • Better aggregation of link juice to your sites, which can help your pages rank better.

More on Dynamic URL Rewriting via the Yahoo Search Blog.

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Rank Better on Yahoo with Dynamic URL Rewriting

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