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Quickly Embed Tweets to a Web Page with Blackbird Pie

Do you often use the screenshots of your (or maybe someone else’s) Tweet? I see the Twitter screenshots throughout the web. People use the screenshots of Tweets as quotes or to visualize the idea or just for fun.

This is why the new non-official tool by Twitter employee Robin Sloan got my attention.

Blackbird Pie is a Twitter-based tool that allows to embed a Tweet to your web page to save time immensely:

  • No time spent on making the screenshot;
  • No time spent on editing the image;
  • No time spent on uploading the image.

Besides saving your time, the tool has one more advantage: clickable links to:

  • The Tweet;
  • The Twitter user who said that.

– which will potentially encourage more people to go to your profile and follow you:

Blackbird pie

So let’s see this time-saver in action:

How It Works

1. Step one: get the direct link of the Tweet you want to embed.

Find it here:

Direct link of the Tweet

2. Provide the link in the form and press “Bake it”:

Blackbird Pie

3. Get the code to embed the Tweet to your page:

Blackbird Pie


Enjoy the Time-Saving Tools

While Blackbird Pie is a time-saver in itself, it has a couple of tools that make it even faster:

1. WordPress Plugin for Blackbird Pie

That makes it easier to embed the Tweets to your WordPress blog.

2. Blackbird Pie Browser Bookmarklet

Just drop the bookmarklet to your browser, navigate to a separate Tweet page, click it and grab the code instantly.

Blackbird Pie bookmarklet

Note: there’s also a Chrome extension that works the same way in Google Chrome.

Do you feel like using this tool?

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Quickly Embed Tweets to a Web Page with Blackbird Pie

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