Questions for StumbleUpon: What Would You Ask Their Co-Founder?

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I’ve got an SEJ interview coming up with Garrett Camp, co-founder and chief architect of StumbleUpon.

You’ve most recently heard of StumbleUpon in regards to their new video stumbler.

Research makes every interview better – now I know not to ask Camp about the difference between StumbleUpon and – he’s already fielded that one:

“ is focused on organizing information, whereas our focus is personalized content discovery. We help people find something of interest or make a connection with someone with similar tastes.”

I also know they have 1,700,000 registered users, started in 2001 in Canada and that over the holidays I twice stayed up until past 3am watching StumbleUpon videos (normal bedtime ~12).

My info gathering stage is almost over – I’m about to start reading and thinking about the stories I found so that I can uncover those un-asked questions. Also unfound are YOUR questions. Watcha got?

To wet that whistle of yours here are the stories I’ll be reading to generate my questions for Camp. They’re organized into two groups: Growing StumbleUpon (business and development) and Marketing in and with StumbleUpon.

The Serendipity Of StumbleUpon – an interview with Garrett Camp, Chief Architect
StumbleUpon has 875,000 Users!
StumbleUpon (wikipedia definition)
StumbleUpon Launches StumbleVideo
Demo of StumbleUpon, surfing tool for the community-driven Internet
StumbleUpon Continues To Impress

The StumbleUpon Experiment
StumbleUpon’s Fantastic Ability to Drive Traffic
How to get StumbledUpon
increasing traffic in stumbleupon

a cautionary reminder to us all:
Why It Doesn’t Pay to Game Digg (or Other Link Aggregation Sites)

What would you like to ask Camp? Comment your questions up if you have them 🙂

Garrett French
Garrett French is a long time search marketer, blogger and conversatrional marketing consultant.
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  • Cameron Olthuis

    Why do they limit friends to 200?
    What determines the size of your audience?

  • Duncan

    Why a whole toolbar? why not a friendly bottom of the page FF plugin, I’d use it more if I had it open more often, which I don’t because it takes up too much real estate

  • Garrett French

    These are great questions – I’m not an active StumbleUpon user (shhhhh…;) so your first hand experience will help me dig into the nuts and bolts of their strategy.

    Thank you.