#PubCon Announces “Virtual PubCon”

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#PubCon Announces “Virtual PubCon”
In a post on the PubCon blog yesterday afternoon, event organizers released big news for PubCon attendees. This year, all of the break-out sessions on all eight conference tracks will be filmed for on-demand streaming. This means that attendees won’t have to worry about missing a thing. They can attend the sessions that grab them in the moment and catch up on all of the other important sessions via PubCon Virtual. According to the PubCon Virtual FAQ:
“Complete access to Virtual Pubcon will be available for an extended time (approximately two months) after the conclusion of Pubcon Las Vegas 2012.”

Although viewers of the on-demand videos will miss out on the valuable networking opportunity of attending PubCon, access to the virtual conference will be available to the general public. For more information on pricing packages, please visit the PubCon Virtual Page.

In light of this announcement, Search Engine Journal was granted the opportunity to ask PubCon Chair, Brett Tabke, a few questions.

SEJ:  What prompted the event organizers to take such a big step?

BT: It is one of the top requested features that attendees wanted. We have—what I believe to be—the deepest, most professional, and the broadest content of any search or social media marketing conference on the planet today. Our speakers bring the most timely, topical, and well-thought-out presentations. While other conferences have these enormous worldwide shows every weekend, Pubcon annual is the one place were people come to network with their peers.

SEJ: This is a serious investment of time and resources.

BT: Yes. Yes it is. However, this will be our largest conference ever and our largest exhibit hall ever.

SEJ: What do you hope conference attendees will get out of the optional upgrade to their passes?

BT: Number one, they get to see more sessions from their favorite speakers that happen to be speaking at the same time.

SEJ: What do you hope that virtual attendees will get out of this unprecedented access?

BT: A chance to see what they have been missing, and hopefully, understand that some of the best parts of Pubcon are the networking.

SEJ: What do you hope this will do for the industry coverage of the PubCon brand?

BT: Honestly, not concerned too deeply about our brand in this sense. We feel honored that so many quality speakers and high-quality attendees would choose to come out to the show, that our “industry brand” is set in stone.

SEJ: Is there anything you would like to add for the readers of Search Engine Journal?

BT: Thank you guys for all the hard work and awesome coverage of events.

There’s no doubt in this reporter’s mind that the impact of PubCon Virtual will be huge on the industry blogs this year.  Hope to see you there in person and online.


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