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HOW TO Promote Your Book : Case Study (Using Guy Kawasaki’s “Enchantment”)

There’s a good tendency of powerful social media users to write and promote books. Whether you are going to become a published author or not is up to you – but watching those A-listers promote their books can become a powerful lesson for all of us to learn by.

Today’s case study concerns the best of us: Guy Kawasaki, the co-founder of and the the author of ten books including the newly-published Enchantment. Let’s track some of the best marketing tactics Guy is actively using to promote his new book:

1. Incorporate Embedded Content

As we already know, the great content spreads better when it is given wings. Therefore re-packaging your content in multiple formats and giving people easy and varied ways to embed it to their pages is the most effective content marketing method.

Guy has a separate page giving you options to share the information about his book as a video or a pretty presentation.

2. Make the Most of Facebook

As it has been noticed many times, Facebook is getting more and more business-friendly. Smart marketers make the most of what Facebook has to offer:

For Enchantment there is:

Promote Book

3. Take Advantage of Popular Graphics

Users love well-designed infographics and sweet freebies: something they can easily download, share and take with them. This is the first time I have seen such a smart use of infographics for promoting a book:

  • Download and use the Enchantment Wallpaper
  • Use Enchantment Infographic to better understand and / or explain what the book is about.

Promote book

Disclaimer: Guy Kawasaki did contact me asking my opinion about the book but other than that neither me or SEJ is in no way affiliated with the book and its promotion.

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HOW TO Promote Your Book : Case Study (Using Guy Kawasaki’s “Enchantment”)

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