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PredictAd’s Search Auto-Complete Pays on CPC, What’s the Catch?

PredictAd’s Search Auto-Complete Pays on CPC, What’s the Catch?

PredictAd is a fairly new product that offers bloggers/web site owners a new way to earn additional income. By adding a short code into a blog’s HTML, publishers can earn 50% of the advertising fee generated from the PredictAd code.

When a publisher insert the PredictAd code on to a blog/site with a search box, PredictAd’s search auto-complete will do its work and pull down list of suggested search terms. Below these list of search terms are, you guess it right, advertising links that when a visitor clicks, will convert into earnings for the publisher.

As PredictAd’s owner Tomer Molovinsky puts it:

PredictAd is a simple yet clever advertising service, which helps you create additional income from searches performed in your website.

PredictAd is a pretty useful tool that could increase usage of your site’s search box. The link ads are non-obtrusive when conducting search and in fact doesn’t distinct itself from the suggested search terms. In fact, I’m wondering how PredictAd would attract more advertisers and bring in a good amount of revenue for publishers.

But there’s no harm in trying it out, who knows it might work for you. To see a working example of PredictAd on a live blog, check out the search box on this site.

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